Note To Coca-Cola: How Do I Stay Healthy With Such Chilled Fiery Ads?


We’ve seen them on billboards, TV and Facebook, and I must say, your ads are as lip-smacking as your drink. You could facilely pass for the best beverage advertising campaigns. On the other hand, you’ve got a hold on me, one I can by no means shake off, and I don’t blame myself for it.  🙄 

It is funny how an individual goes in for that same item which he knows could be deadly in the long run – that fact that it hasn’t killed him yet is motivation enough to keep him going for it. I guess it’s our desires that engulf us. But let’s not talk about whether or not Coca-Cola kills slowly, let’s talk about the chilled sizzling ads we see on social media and on TV.

How can a brand be so big of a deal when its products offer consumers with the simplest pleasure of OPEN HAPPINESS when they TASTE THE FEELING? It’s an immeasurable feeling. In a statement, Coke said,

“Taste the Feeling” puts the focus back on the product, while “Open Happiness” was much more about aspirations and what the brand stands for.

Pepsi has had its cyclic stretch on my taste buds… the others too, but Coca-Cola is just conjuring. Over the years, researchers from wherever on the earth have exposed Coca-Cola as deadly: they say the amount of sugar is overwhelmingly too much, and that Coca-Cola flawlessly cleans dirty sinks and toilets.

Well, what haven’t we heard? 🙄

We’ll keep drinking it, even our children and children’s children 😆  😆  😆

Take a look at some of the sizzling ads and digital images:










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