Did You Know You Could Die If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth Regularly?


Be honest, how often do you brush your teeth in a day? Once? Not twice?? Don’t be alarmed, you’re not alone 😆 . I changed after my first date with a dentist 2 days ago. I know I don’t have to explain myself but it wasn’t a date-date, it was a just a date… 🙄 okay, back to why you clicked on the link – you will die if you don’t brush your teeth frequently as you know you should, and I couldn’t have been sweet about it.

Let’s call Mr. Dentist “MD”. After letting you in our conversation, you’ll be thankful for your toothbrush. It helps you clean your teeth and drags you away from your grave.

Why not brush your teeth once, in the mornings?

Well it’s advisable you brush your teeth after your first meal of you intend to brush once daily. You see dental caries developed as a result of bacteria feeding of sugars in your mouth over time to destroy your tooth tissue. So 4 factors mentioned here: Bacteria, sugars, time and tooth.

If you brush after your first meal there wouldn’t be sugars (partially broken down carbohydrates) in your mouth for bacteria to act on to destroy your tooth. Whereas if you brush before having your first meal …well you are only cleaning your mouth and reintroducing sugars so the process will start or if it has already started will continue

Well, that’s scary

I really hope my explanation is clear enough

Yes. What are the worst cases you’ve encountered?

Worst case… Death. If you ever get the time Google Ludwig’s Angina. You see, the tooth is held inside the jaw bone with many soft tissues covering it. This forms the structures of your face and the floor of your mouth. They are all connected by what we call ‘potential spaces’. When dental caries starts and progresses the infection goes beyond the tooth into the jaw bones.

Assuming no intervention is made the infections may progress through the bone resulting in a bone infection called osteomyelitis or may break out of the bone into the surrounding soft tissues. Then danger looms.

Yeah so once it gets into the sub-mental space the pressure produced pushes the tongue backwards on the airways which lies just behind. Patient asphyxiates and dies or dies because of septic shock -a type of organ failure as a result of too much bacterial load in your blood.

Got another worse case to share?

Well there is this other one … Necrotizing fasciitis. Don’t Google for images. Don’t!!!

I won’t!

Sometimes the infection spreads beneath the skin and can eat away the skin of the neck all the way to the chest. We’ve actually had to send a patient to the theatre opened the skin of the chest to clear the dead tissue and pus beneath. Pus isn’t pleasant at all.

Pus is like when bacteria feed on your tissues and they’re digested it liquefies… so this missed with some blood and the bacteria itself is called pus, and smells like crazy.

Ew! 😯 

You could say that again. Double ew. Dentistry goes beyond the mouth or tooth.

It actually encompasses the whole of the head and neck excluding the eyes, ears the throat and the brain which is for another specialty. So we manage facial lacerations and reconstruction…fracture of the Craniofacial regions (bones of the face) and tumours of the head and neck.

I’ve been brushing strategically since then. When I’m not able to brush twice, I brush after breakfast.

It’s amazing how connected the parts of our bodies are and how little we take for granted some parts out of ignorance and our pint-size knowledge. I don’t know about you, but it saddens me to talk to an individual with bad breath. It goes beyond the smell to the possibility that the individual has no idea how bad the smell’s impact is on our senses.

So yeah, keep flossing and eating well, not forgetting to change your tooth brushes regularly (monthly or every other month).

Thanks to MD for such insight.