Ghana Girls’ Daily Horoscope By GHANABA (Creo Concepts)

Sunday Akosua Esi

Creo Concepts is the fastest growing creative agency when it comes to brand and advertising (animation, graphic designing and logo creation) for renowned companies and personalities in Ghana. Even more excitedly, Creo Concepts provides its fan-base with entertaining and involving projects on social media, one of which is Ghanaba.

Ghanaba’s first project which received a massive feedback from Ghanaians within Ghana and abroad, aimed at unveiling and projecting the Ghanaian culture by representing the Day Goddesses (Adjoa, Abena, Akua, Yaa, Afia, Ama and Akosua). The next project you’re about to see is the captioned “Ghanaba In The Future”.

MONDAY – ADWOA – Great Friends


You may not get into many friendships, but when you do, you are passionate about your partner, and you find clever ways to keep your relationship intact for a long time if not forever.
This is why you make “Great friends”.

In the future, you use that same character to capture the heart of your partner, and your children. You easily become best friends with your partner and with your children and thus you will function as a Team together against any obstacles coming from the outside world.

TUESDAY – ABENA – Great Parents

Tuesday Abena

It’s easy for you to display kindness and concern for others, especially children. In situations where you are placed solely in charge of something or someone, you are very responsible and are able to find smart ways to overcome any difficulties.

In the future you have a very strong bond with your family, becoming a great parent capable of giving emotional and physical nourishment to your child with or without your partner.


Wednesday Akua

It may be hard for you to accept just anyone into a relationship, however if you do get into one, you are very loyal, helpful and caring to your partner. You prefer a life long relationship over anything else so you try as much as possible to make it very easy for your partner to stay loyal to you forever.

In the future, you build a great family with your partner with its foundation being built on pure love and care. Your partner may learn how to care from you and also apply it to you and your children.

THURSDAY – YAA – Great Bosses

Thursday Yaa

You have the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills to solve certain situations other people may not be able to. In a group, you are at your best as a leader, giving your team hope and love while providing exceptional leadership skills. You also have the ability to understand people and empathize with them.

In the future, you take control of situations in your relationship, you see your family as your team for life applying the same hope, love, empathy and leadership skills from the workplace. You are deeply respected and loved by your partner and your children.

FRIDAY – AFIA, AFUA, EFUA or EFIA – Great Mentors

Friday Afia

You are authentic and real. You have a clear sense of your values and beliefs and abide by them at all times. This inspires other people to do same… You always focus on things you are good at and enjoy. When you discover your talent, you are passionate about it. You just don’t do it “for the money”. Knowing what is important in life, you don’t need a lot to be happy. You are also kind and you are fulfilled when you see loved ones happy through your input in their lives.

In the future, you inspire your family to be their very best in every situation and always stay true to what they desire in life… It’s easy for your partner to recognize your strengths and values and also learn from them… Your children see you as a great mentor and will emulate your actions when dealing with others. You are admired all lifelong by your partner and child who’s lives have been enriched by your qualities.

SATURDAY – AMA –  Great Lovers

Saturday Ama

There’s a great fire in your heart, that fire is a fire of pure love and care for your family and people you get intimate with. You are sweet and often willing to help others when they need you without hoping for anything in return. You are faithful and committed in every relationship you are in and have long-term hopes for anyone you’re involved with. This may lead you into a broken heart if the person decides to leave which will result in a huge loss for the person anyway. You are also very intelligent and thoughtful.

In the future, you are often the pillar of emotional support for your partner and child making you the strongest person in your family. At work, you make it your responsibility to support your colleagues using your intelligence which makes you a favorite at your workplace.

SUNDAY – AKOSUA, ESI – Most Influential

Sunday Akosua Esi

Some people like to force other people into doing what they want. While it can make them powerful in the short term, it doesn’t make them influential. You don’t force people or may not talk much but you have great capacity to have an effect on the behavior of people you are involved with by being helpful, sweet, smart and confident. You are very selective with who you get intimate with but once you fall in love with someone, you are very dedicated and faithful. You like to get attention and comfort from people you love and are very emotional when in pain and often require some good pampering to get you back to happiness.

In the future, you have great influence on your children and without force you can get them to always do the right thing whether you are around or not. Your partner is also affected by your warm feminine influence and also joins in to mould the lives of your children thus making your family happily function as a team.

The feedback from followers of Creo Concepts social media platforms has been overwhelming. How did they do it? How did they get each day represented so tactfully, and the horoscope so accurately? Perhaps the universe knew us before we were born, and maybe… just maybe, the day of our birth on the Ghanaian soil does portray the kind of women we are… the kind we are likely to be in the future.

Graphic Illustration: Ghanaba of CREO CONCEPTS