Your Decision Lost The Ring – Episode 3 – Kwabena

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Death comes for us all, not just once in our state of living, but the ultimate end of life happens to us all once we no more live.

I am Kwabena. Call me possessed, but I’ll argue that we are different people who when faced with the same situation at a particular phase in life, will behave differently. What if we know each other until we find ourselves in such situations only to realize we didn’t know ourselves that well? Lydia was a devoted Christian; she went for missions within her geographical reach when she was studying at University of Ghana, she only missed choir rehearsal when she was ill, and visited the sick members every weekend. She was my woman, until she cheated, I heard. It broke my heart. She was the perfect girl in everyone’s eyes, so I decided to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Her faith and the church held her. That was all she had, plus me, and it felt honorable truly, until it didn’t. Her trusted friends and leaders murmured anytime she passed by, and passed sarcastic comments in mockery at her every effort to start a conversation. They would stare at her belly and not her face; I bet they forgot how graceful she looked when her tummy was only seen but in her clothes, flattened.

Lydia mentioned the day when she went in for a Women’s Movement Meeting, she was practically stripped of her positions and seat, politely sent out of the meeting – that was her last appearance in church.

We were the best thing that happened to me. Today, her family accuses me of her death because I cancelled the wedding 4months to time, only to marry another and claim my son a day after his mother passed. What they wouldn’t know is… never mind, you wouldn’t understand.

We wouldn’t have lasted anyway. I was an Adventist and she was Charismatic. Our ideals are completely different although similar. Father is an elder and wouldn’t want her fellowshipping elsewhere if she became my wife. The last conversation we had about this didn’t end well. She didn’t understand why she wouldn’t beautify herself with ornaments, and altering other beliefs she’d just about had all her life. The future would’ve been different but she loved me. Oh God! What have I done?!

Uhm… forgive me, I feel vulnerable right now… guilty too but….

Love is all you need, they said. Love encompasses it all. Love suffers long. But try different beliefs and dissimilar interest. Try a parent who would go heaven and earth to separate you from your loved one only because that parent ‘sees what you do not see’.

Conceivably, I could’ve handled the situation differently. I could’ve spoken to her, told her why I took those steps in dealing with the situation the way I did. She wouldn’t forgive me, that I know, a guilt I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life.

It looks plain already, doesn’t it? But I have a story I never told anyone – I’ll tell you. Either ways, I doubt it’ll justify my actions but there is a cause for every effect. I pray for Lydia. I pray her soul rests, peacefully.

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