Nappy Hair Pleasure #01 – NIIELLA


Whether it’s trendy or it is the consciousness and embrace of our ordinary self, the natural hair thingy has confidently made its way back to the fashion and lifestyle industry with diverse styling to suit every environment.

This category, “Nappy Hair Pleasure” features the individual stories of Ghanaian and other African women on the natural hair journey. Our first feature is Niiella Dankwah-Coffie, a sensational songbird and a Ghanaian doll who decided to go natural practically 2yrs ago.


I cut my hair, not bald though 😆 ! I had some hair growth under my relaxed hair. I didn’t like the way the relaxer kept thinning my hair. I would end up with long but very thin and light hair; I’ve always loved big hair, so I thought ‘why not go natural?’

Around the same time, I discovered lots of people on YouTube who had natural hair and were making it work. It seemed like people now knew how to maintain and treat it.


Erm what’s changed… I don’t know, really.


I don’t think so. I don’t really use as much products as some people do. I think you need to study your hair and see what works. Once you do, it is possible that you won’t even end up spending much at all.

I have 2 Conditioners, 1 Shampoo, and that’s all I use. I use lots of Shea Butter, Castor Oil and Coconut Oil, and I use one type of treatment at a time… kind of works out the same.

Have you ever seen a woman in natural hair and thought “she’ll look better in straight hair?” About a week ago, in a random conversation with a friend, he mentioned “I think some women shouldn’t go natural cos it doesn’t fit them at all”. Well, coming from a man, it must seem legit. Nonetheless, I bet if these same women knew the hairstyles that worked for them, that wouldn’t have looked that bad.

So the ultimate question here is, can every woman go natural? If not, why? Weren’t we born with our nappy hair the way it is? Does it make those who don’t qualify to fit in the category naturally not so attractive? 

Take a look at Niella’s Nappy Hair Pleasures:

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