Can You Relate? – STORY OF MY LIFE – E05


I’ve had the door-to-door experience inviting people to church, some friends also, and the deliberate excuses to decline my proposal has been rather comical, except for a catchy phrase like “love feast” or “concert” – that gets their attention and gets them asking follow up questions.

Question is, why wouldn’t the unbeliever or the unstable Christian follow you to church but for some side attraction? Church so boring? Church activities so routine?

Episode 5 of Ghanaba’s STORY OF MY LIFE, we see a typical illustration of a young Ghanaian woman indifferent about tagging along with her friend to church if not for Jollof and Kelewele.

So far, the STORY OF MY LIFE Episodes define the activities my life. I’m beginning to think Creo Concepts is writing about me since I’m the only female in the office at the moment


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