The Colourful Black Woman


Should we keep stressing how beautiful black is until you’re tired of hearing it? BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. Besides the skin is everything else about it – from the extreme ends of both temperatures to the strength in our bones, from the unique endowment of our feminine features to the estimably fearsome men, then there’s originality in craftsmanship and evidence in our own prints.

Melanin, they describe it these days. Initially, it was Ebony, but that’s still okay… proudly.

We could write a 1000 page book on how colorful the Black skin is, figuratively, and it wouldn’t thoroughly encompass what we stand for.

I practically just viewed this photo on my IG page – Princess Diane Adaku, Miss Ghana USA Finalist and a Physician Assistant, photographed by James Anthony (check out his website) in a modish yet predominantly Blackish style by Keri L. Henderson.

Take a look:




Photography: James Anthony

Styling: Keri L. Henderson

Model: Princess Diane Adaku

MUA: Fifi Tesfatsion