This Is How A Birthday Wishlist For Twins Look Like

Akwele Wishlist

Of course it’s a big deal to have an annual reminder of my birthday which signifies a beginning I’m actually familiar with.

It’s okay for those who don’t make a fuss about birthdays. I mean, it’s just okay to experience a historic earth-shattering day to be observed just as an organization observes its founding and a nation observes its birth.

It is the concept of time that intrigues me – its coil turnings and the somewhat paranormal energy accompanied with the sense its return to the same spot year after year. There’s certainly a God factor in this one.

Unfortunately, year after year, I try to get loved ones understand and see this from my point of view, but only 1 if not 2 boxes on my wish list checks out, and I hope after every year that the situation changes so my friends and loved ones. So I came up with this year’s WISH LIST for my twin brother and me. Curtis will be super-bored to see this list, but hey, what are twins for? 😆

A list of 26 wishes as we turn 26 on July 28


Curtis Wishlist

  1. A Tin of Milo
  3. Huge Mug
  4. Movie Ticket
  5. Polka Dots Bowtie
  6. Chopsticks
  7. Alewa
  8. Fancy Dice
  9. Ayilor
  10. Flavoured Lip Balm
  11. Doormat
  12. Wine Glasses
  13. Umbrella
  1. Gummy Bears
  2. Cutting Board (Chopping Board)
  3. HELLO KITTY Backpack
  4. Maltesers
  5. Green Coloured Pen
  6. Designer Perfume
  7. Android Charger
  8. Cufflinks
  9. Car Mats
  10. Tuna Sandwiches From ZEST
  11. Coin Drop Bank (Susu Box)
  12. Fisherman’s Friend
  13. Teddy Bear



Akwele Wishlist

  1. Twix Chocolate Cookie Bars
  2. Power Bank
  3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  4. KFC Hot & Crispy Chicken
  5. Write Me a Poem
  6. Water Bottle
  7. JOLLOF/ GA Theme T-Shirt
  8. Black Pullover
  9. Cute Mug
  10. Pillow
  11. Backpack
  12. Handwritten Letter To Me
  14. PJs
  15. Lip Balm
  16. White Envelope Containing 10 GHC1.0 Notes
  17. Journal With Your Autograph
  18. Danish Cookies
  19. Kelewele
  20. Pastries
  21. Planter Margarine
  22. Pawpaw
  23. Fula
  24. Scarf
  25. Dark Chocolates
  26. JOLLOF

Obviously our preferences differ, even our kid sisters who are identical have different tastes.

So uhm… yeah, the gifts are welcome from far and near.