My Twin Is My +1


There are days where in all honesty, there is nothing to write. Those are the days when my emotions are either overly overwhelmed or roughly non-existent. So I waited a few hours until this sensation became convenient.

Today begins another cycle of an annual turn… a journey embarked with a partner given me from birth by God himself. So yeah, that’s pretty much a big deal for me.

It’s incredible how this works – you know, the twin thingy… Ask us and we’ll tell you how mysterious it is, not ruling out its awesomeness. You’re never really lonely. You have a partner-in-crime when no one is watching, and you’re as raw as you can get naturally… you are just yourself.

Mother called and got all mushy:

“I can’t believe you guys are not home today. I guess I’m getting used to you two being away… you’ll get married soon”.

It’s been 25 years of a shoulder to cry on and to cry with.

25 years of the unbelievable encounters, failures and spur

25 years of constant awakening of blood transcending to friendship

25 years passed and we made it to the 26th, thank God!