An 8-Hour Crush Story


Surprisingly, the little things that cause a category of women to crush on other men have no if not less bearing on physical appearances, although physical appearances play a critical role. Exactly 4hrs ago, Nick Seun Adatsi pushed one of my vulnerable buttons in a simple online platform mention, and I crushed in a heartbeat.

This is perhaps the simplest story you’ll ever read of a woman who crushed on a man in an interesting read of his first failed love.

Here is Christian Junior’s story;


It’s been 2years since I last saw her.
I don’t know what fate brought us into contact again this morning when I was en route work.

2years ago, I fell in love.

It was few days to Repu Hall Week, everyone was rounding up their lessons for the midsemester exams. After group discussion that fateful day, i sat to go over everything once again.
10 minutes into my revision, the lady who I have come to know as Fina, took a seat right by me.

An introduction, a conversation, an exchange of numbers and the next moment, we were walking hand in hand around campus.
She was ambitious, smart, intelligent and deep.
Her smile, the curved lines that seemed to set even the most crooked situation straight.
She was not the most beautiful person I had seen but there was this thing about her eyes that made my heart melt.

Strolls turned to lunch dates, late night chats and sometimes, sleepovers.

Vacation was short enough to keep the bond and on this faithful day, I decided to pose the question.

That night, I rehearsed my lines more than a 1000 times.
I watched all of Basket Mouth’s comedy shows and made sure I was ‘loaded’. If my jokes failed, I should be able buy her sense of humor just for the night.

The night was lit asf. She was her sarcastic best and I was in my comic elements. We had a long walk. From Africa to Great Hall to Brunei to the CCB.
Finally, I decided to drop the question.

“Yes booboo”, she responded.

“Can you cook JOLLOF?”

“What is Jollof?”, she asked.

That’s how I got my first broken heart.

Jollof rings my bell any day – not that bell, THAT BELL 😳  😳  😳 

Perchance your consistent early morning and late night texts, random visits and dedicated Tweets and FB statuses might not do it for this category. It only takes the heart of a Genuine Jollof Lover to push the button slightly and whoopsy! 😯

I’m reliving this mawkishness for the next 4-hours, after I’m welcoming reality again ➡