Product Review: Coily Crown CURL GEL Coconut Milk Curl Enhancer


We live in a world where fashion and lifestyle evolves in a cyclical turn; we see this, we know this, we live it. Nothing seems new anymore unless it is packaged in an alluring way; we see this, we know this, we are living it. Here is a look at my first product review on the blog and on my vlog on Coily Crown’s new product, CURL GEL COCONUT MILK CURL ENHANCER by the Body Butter Company, based in Ghana.

A few weeks back, Korkor Kugblenu (CEO of The Body Butter Company) passed by the office to drop off a package for me. I felt thrilled at the sight of it – it had my name boldly written on it. “The Curl Gel is our new product and I’ll like you to use it and write an honest review on it”, she said.

Why not? 🙄  😳

A few days later, I tried out the Curl Gel after washing my hair with the Softening Shampoo. Truth is, no other shampoo had won the 4C Nappy Hair softening race on my territory until this was applied. But before I continue with this review, watch this:


DISTILLED WATER is free of toxins and bacteria. It removes chemicals like fluoride and chlorine existent in tap water and in turn goes onto our hair in the shower.

COCONUT MILK is the liquid extracted from grated coconut. Its oil already does wonders to our hair, so imagine the scrummy sweet smelling benefit of its milk. It’s rich in essential vitamins and minerals (Vitamin C and E) acting as a power bloc ingredient for hair and overall wellness.

GLYCERIN is heavy in humectants, which are made to pull moisture into the hair and retain it.

BAOBAB OIL can be used to treat dandruff/dry scalp, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. It helps with skin and hair regeneration by improving skin elasticity and healing damaged hair. Baobab oil also contains Vitamins A, D, and E to help with dry winter skin, hair and nails, and it is packed with Omega 3, 6, and 9.

STABILIZER prevents the oils and the water from separating and it also helps keep it at a particular consistency.

SODIUM BENZOATE is found naturally in prunes, cranberries, cinnamon, apples, and is a known preservative often used in hair care and cosmetics formulas. It prevents fungi and bacteria from developing in products overtime.

TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL moisturizes hair and keeps the scalp free from fungal and bacterial infections, preventing dry and itchy scalp and blocked follicles that lead to hair loss thus preventing hair lice and dandruff.

The best way to tell if a natural hair product is natural is when its ingredients are purely natural if not 88.9 – 90% natural (yeah! My stats are legit), and the 250ml Curl Gel checks this box.

Moisture retaining elongation, check.

Pleasant smell… 

Non-sticky gel… 

Suitable for all weathers… 


For a 250ml, GHC22 is affordable, so let’s that.



Here is a look at the end result after a few hours.


After the twist out, you’ll realize that although the curls are defined, my hair type which is a 4C demands more curl gel than I anticipated to cause the COMPLETE curly hair effect. And so clearly, I need a large amount of Curl Gel in my hair. 

For those without 4C hair type and quite loose curls, you wouldn’t need so much of the curl gel in your hair.

Take a look:




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