MASQUERADING APTNESS – Photographed By Yomi Akanni


If you are to search thoroughly on this blog, you’ll realize I’ve said all there is about photography and themed photographs, but this caught my attention and I wondered what there was left I could say differently from the rest – UNUSUALLY SPECTACULAR, this one.

It is not as easy as it looks, separating a subject from the background dovetailed in the same shade, yet to let both stand out distinctly; I need not be a Photographer or Retoucher to know this.

The photo was intriguing enough to get me in the photographer’s DM for all the right reasons 😳 . According to Nigerian photographer Yomi Akanni of Yomstudios,

For me, face painting is a form of expression, it has different motives behind it depending who is involved. Face painting motives includes hunting, religious and ritual, military and war and of course for beauty. Decorating one’s face in various patterns and shapes has been a part of the cultural make-up of many societies since the beginning of time.

We shouldn’t ignore that cultural face paint in ancient time is the same makeup we have in our time now.

Answering why he chose the white background, he said,

To limit the chances for distractions…

The irony of it.

A first glance at these photos to the typical African is MASQUERADING, following the remaining minutes of its artistic appreciation and aptness.

Take a look:



PHOTOGRAPHY: Yomi Akanni (Yomstudios)

MODEL: Alexandra

FACE PAINTER: Olamide Omoyele