“EXCUSES” Anamon Art People in collaboration with Alliance Française presents “EXCUSES”, a group exhibition featuring the works of 20 contemporary Ghanaian artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.  

The narrative of the exhibition is a case for humanism and the embracing of imaginative technique. Self-taught or professionally trained, artists from Takoradi, Accra and Kumasi will present works interpreting the title of the exhibit in different themes through their own lenses and inspirations with appreciation of the different media, formal elements and style – from drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, illustration, installation, verse, music, film, performance art etc.

The world is in exciting times and Ghana is contributing her fair share with the onset of elections. Interactions at “EXCUSES” should stimulate people to profoundly address some of the cultural issues confronting the country, for instance the lack of infrastructure for The Arts. Art infrastructure is essential to the development of education and the enhancement of cultural expression and thus the spewing of excuses is detrimental to the progression of society.

The audience meets the theme of the exhibit at the entryway through the artlessness of the curatorial work, presented with uttermost sensitivity towards the space and substructure. Evidently, we cannot afford not supporting The Arts.

Anamon Art People’s maiden exhibition is aimed at increasing public awareness of the socio-cultural, political and economic influence of contemporary art in Ghana and to provide an avenue for artists, connoisseurs, collectors, gallery-owners, curators, dealers, critics, academics, audience etc. to meet.

CURATORS: Ian Quhachi,  Joey Dukeson

VENUE: Bombay Indian Restaurant on the edge of Paa Grant Boulevard and Casely-Hayford Street [Vodafone Road, next junction after Cape Coast Station]

GRAND OPENING: Saturday 12 November 2016, 4-8pm

EXHIBITION DATES: 12 November to 20 November 2016

GALLERY OPEN HOURS: Sunday 13 November to Sunday 20 November 2016, 11am-6pm

For further details/private viewing/sales please contact:


TELEPHONE: 0544476177 / 0208368782

Join the conversation about the exhibition online at:  FACEBOOK: Anamon Art People