Schedule Your FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM & TWITTER Updates In Ghana


Initially, I intended listing between 5-10 ways to reschedule Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts to help the user get more traffic, followers… more engagement, but pfft! 🙄 Snap that. Let’s just talk about the reality of updating our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for that low-key attention.

Timing is an essential part of growing one’s audience when it comes to social media, and then of course there is location and content strategy.


The average everyday Ghanaian worker decides to skip infuriating rush-hour traffic jams the next day, so always finds himself in it. This is one of the best times to get online engagement – it’s the best time to get LIKES on Facebook because users only want to read statuses and keep scrolling up… NO LONG THING 👿 . It is the best time for RETWEETS and FAVOURITES on Twitter since most users on this platform listen to radio and engage on the go with the online radio platforms for a couple of gratified MENTIONS on the air. It is also the best time to get pings from your Instagram app.


According to Buddy Media, “the less people want to be at work, the more they are on Facebook!”

1pm gets the most SHARES since lunch break just ended and users are back to work rejuvenated. At about this time, it is any witty, sarcastic, funny post will merit MENTIONS, SHARES and RETWEETS… even shares from these platforms onto Whatsapp and DMs.


At this time, viewers look forward to funny upbeat content and genuine ranting about the state of the economy, politics, religious and racial variances. Twitter is on fire between 5-7pm most especially.


The best times to post on these three platforms are at rush hour times and lunchtime. Depending on the location of your larger audience within the GMT, posting at night time wouldn’t be such a fruitful idea.

I’ve realized a user on my Timeline updated his status with when did we first meetat night time about 10pm, yet had NO COMMENTS for over 48hrs until I stopped observing.


Beyond doubt, Ghanaians are religious people. Sunday mornings are for church. Generally by 12pm, most churches have ended 1st Services; usually 1st Services are English Services and 2nd Services are Local Language Services particularly in Orthodox Churches. It is only clear that those who attend the English Services hold 90% social media enthusiasts; the rest just wake up late and opt for the other service.

As much as most of us enjoy our after-church naps around 1pm in this unbearable heat, this time also holds the best window to engage online. Truth is, most users check out their timelines in bed. Yeah, it is relaxing.

In the end, time matters, location matters and audience matter in knowing the when is best to post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for a fruitful engagement and low-key attention.