Sample Face Beat Definition By Zaron Cosmetics 

Remember a time when facebeat was infrequent? Today, it is more or less slightly basic. Women have embraced the thought of the art as enhancing beauty rather than an absolute cover up of one’s originality… well, unless it covers up her originality with intent.

Exactly a week ago, I bumped into a Zaron Makeup Artist at the Accra Mall. Rhoda invited me to pass by their stand at the Mall Pharmacy to check out their products.

I can even apply some samples on your skin to see if you’ll like it, if you wouldn’t mind.

Uhh… which young girl will turn down a free facebeat? But of course I needed to settle on some makeup materials. My eyebrow and lips pencils and lip gloss pretty much makeup my makeup kit… Dang!

Back to the matter – Rhoda was the makeup artiste who remembered me when I visited the Zaron makeup stand about 3hrs after our first interaction.


Zaron Makeup Brushes

Zaron Perfect Blend Cream To Powder

Zaron Mattifying Compact Powder

Zaron Face Definer

Zaron Duo Eyeshadow

Zaron Perfect Finish Spray (120ml)

Zaron XXL Lengthening Mascara

Zaron Luxurous Lip Gloss

As if Rhoda knew her work would feature on Purple Shades, she used a shade of purple for a smoky eye-shadow effect. Below are pictures of the final work.

Zaron stands are available at every shopping mall in Accra, specifically at the Galaxy Perfumery Shops or any Mall Pharmacy. Pass by and check out their products. I was impressed with how long the makeup lasted on my face and happy not to have experienced any irritability on my skin the day after… till today. Pretty much a brand I could go for.

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