How Long Should You Wait For Your Food… At EDDY’S PIZZA?!

People go to restaurants to eat, basically. Eating implies that the individual is either hungry, satisfying a craving, or simply a foodie. So how far should our patience stretch in waiting to be fed in such refined space?5min?



In the established years of Eddy’s Pizza, I was pretty much the regular customer in one of the branches in the capital city, Accra. I loved the ambiance, the music, the welcoming nature of the waiters and especially the pizza.


Eddy’s Pizza falls short when it comes to time in delivering orders; pretty much the only reason why most of my friends and pizza lovers would prefer other pizza joints and restaurants.

Truth be told, this was the main reason I stayed away from Eddy’s Pizza for a long time, then yesterday I decided to pass by with a friend to order some pizza. His reply, “if we have to go there, then we must go early cos it’ll take some time till your order is served”.


You’ll find Wich Burger on the ground floor and Eddy’s Pizza on the first floor. The stairs leading to Eddy’s Pizza is so narrow that only one can climb at a time, and the tiling on the staircase is mirror so easily gets dirty and slippery.

At arrival, we calculatingly sat in the corner and realized no waiter came to our table, so my friend had to go to the counter after about 5min. First, we ordered for drinks and they were delivered shortly. After close to 20min, the side plates and cutlery was brought to stir up that expectancy of then the food is coming soon… that is a clear mirage the restaurant staff know customers are aware of; they do it anyway.

In a space of another 20min, the pizza finally came.


It didn’t taste fresh.

Meat Lovers Pizza is made up of juicy meat, sausage, chicken and pepperoni, but the juicy meat and chicken tasted as though it’s been warmed up a couple of times, so dry, yet the crust was soft to compensate the dryness. It tasted lovely, but not as I remembered. Meat Lovers suddenly ceased to be my favourite.

I gave my cousin a slice, and her comment, “are you sure this is Meat Lovers? Maybe they gave you someone else’s order”. She ate 3 more slices after, because the pizza was that good after all.


Eddy’s Pizza has a lovely playlist on the right volume level sustaining that unruffled ambiance especially at night.

I’m not sure how long it will take for Eddy’s Pizza to sort out these issues because public complaints have lingered for several months, perhaps a little over a year too. Check out Ed Quartey (one of Eddy’s Pizza CEOs) apology to a dissatisfied customer who had to wait over 3hrs for her pizza by Customer Discuss.

Lucky me. If I’d waited for over an hour, I would’ve been out of the restaurant.

Narrow Stairs To Eddy’s Pizza


Our decorated Table

Mango Juice



Pizza (Meat Lover)

Meat Lovers (Eddy’s Pizza)

View From Our Corner

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