HEHEMOJI (Beta) – A Judicious Imitation By Ian Quhachi

Authenticity is invaluable and originality is non-existent, but the creative pro knows not to conceal their thievery, rather celebrate it and let the whole world know the sources which resonate their inspiration and imagination.

Jean-Luc Godard said, “it’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to”.

This creative innovation particularly excited me when the creator Ian Quhachi presented them. First impression – “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddde! Too cool”, so I asked,

What inspired HeheMoji?

Oh I liked the whole idea of the evolution of the smiley (that is from 🙂 to 🙂 ) and how other social factors have affected the updates (for example we have other colours of the hands etc). So why not do my own style. After all different apps have their own emoji.

We see emojis everyday, perhaps more often than we receive phone calls. Emojis over these few years have made communication easier online with the animated faces in a yellow circled face. We know when one’s sad or excited even when they’re not in real life (we don’t mind)… Online chats aren’t boring anymore.

Why Black Faces?

The conception if smiley was just a yellow circle. So I used a particular figure for the beta.

Why not both sexes? Why only male?

-This is only the Test Version (Beta). Based on comments and review the version 1 will have all there should be.

MY FEEBACK : It is gender bias

Exactly. So like you just told me it may be gender-bias, I will consider adding female ones. They will be converted into keyboard-usable emoji later. For now they are just images people can use. For this it is more of the usage than the art. Also using software parlance.

Now before a software is launched there is a beta test: basically means use it and give me feedback so I give you the right customization in the first version.

HeheMoji presents a judiciously creative imitation of 10 emojis to the public and in turn requests feedback hence addressing the users’ concerns in creating the next batch.

After about 10sec more read (depending on your pace) are the HeheMojis for your consideration.

love kiss

no mouth


love struck


cry laugh






© Purple Shades

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