Bloggers & Social Media Influencers “MEET AND GREET” In Accra

As creative artistes, our only anxiety is how we can be of use to the world through the right connections and the right medium else no matter how dope and masterpiece each piece of work is, they will never get noticed. Most likely than not, it is our works we want to present to the limelight and not ourselves. There’s always an exception to the general rule anyway. 

Yester night January 25th at Cahaya Lounge in East Legon, Accra, an impressive number of Bloggers/Youtubers and Social Media Influencers met for the maiden event of MEET & GREET organized by F34B Management. Hosted by Desire Danso, the event although commencing later than scheduled, was exuberantly engaging and prepossessing when each influencer had a spot to share with attendants and other influencers their expertise and to respond to basic concerns in such specific areas.

Phrimpong gave us an unforgettable WAL-ABOUT-YOU call and response tune with his admirable stage oomph of which after the MC and Banker Akwasi Antwi passed on the microphone to each influencer for a brief introduction. Also present was Stylist and TV Host Viennty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Nuel Bans, Celebrity Blogger and Influencer Ameyaw Debrah, Documentary Film Maker OB Abenser, Makeup Artist Ama Bema, Rockstar Virtual Assistant Dan Afidegnon, Actor and Radio Presenter Caleb Nii Boye, Motivational Speaker and Heart Healer Nana Kwame Amoako-Gyampah, Fitness Expert FlashKickk, Fitness Coach Sermira Adams, Fitness Guru Bambie Bamfo, and me (face in palm).

Ghana’s illustrious Celebrity Blogger Ameyaw Debrah mentioned how networking and meeting people of different fields has made him recognizable even though he still struggles with getting sponsors and ads for his website. According to Ameyaw Debrah, there are usually a series of deliberations and board meetings to grant him sponsorship and ads on his website. He stressed that it is key to share a blogger’s works on other platforms to get it out there.

Fitness Coach William aka Flash Kickk revealed how fitness doesn’t only produce physiological gains but totally transforms an individual’s view on life in areas of discipline, dedication and drive. He shared with us how he found his wife (Jasmine Baroudi) via fitness training – today, she is in amazing shape even after a few months of childbirth and educates her fans and followers on health and fitness benefits.

Following, female fitness gurus Sermira Adams and Bambie Bambo testified to how they defied the notion of 2 young successful women working together with unnecessary friction. They presented a 360 proud turn of consistent hardwork and obvious physical gains. According to Sermira, Miss Bambi trained her after childbirth and shot up her interest in fitness. Who says every young African woman cannot lose that baby fat and still look fabulous as if she never birthed?

The host Desire Danso hammered on monetary gains for bloggers. The central concern surrounding her talk was bloggers creating original content and using numbers and traffic to attract advertisement for their blogs.

In the spirit of networking, I connected with 2 individuals hoping for the first time, hoping for a fruitful relationship in the coming years:

Clenam is a Software Engineer who taught me the difference between an ethical hacker and an unethical one. He also revealed that any hacker who has access to my server can watch my even when my computer webcam is off and can manipulate my phone even if it’s off. He said all his webcams at home are covered until they’re being used. I stared at his geeky face through my glasses piercing through his with, a little shaken. I couldn’t help but think of all I’d been doing when my computer was open. I finally calmed my fears with the thought that no one hates me that much; neither is anyone stalking me that hard.

There was also Jonathan who works in the Corporate Division of a Financial Services Company. He finally explained in English that they help clients realize their dreams by raising capital for 3rd party projects whiles taking businesses of these clients to the next level. Jonathan took my number and I saw him save it – what I’m unsure about no is if he remembers my name to refer to the contact.

Seeing as how informative, engaging and youthful the event was, I’ll attend the next Meet and Greet in a heartbeat provided it will start at schedule in an equally conducive serene atmosphere on a weekend or a Friday night so my 8-5 friends would practically benefit from it.

Ama Bema & Clenam

Nuel Bans


Desire Danso

OB Abenser


Caleb Nii Boye

Dan Afidegnon

Ameyaw Debrah

Nana Kwame Amoako-Gyampah


Sermira Adams & Bambie Bamfo

Bambie Bambo, Desire Danso, Dan Afidegnon, Sermira Adams


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Photography: Shutter Rawyal