Now That Valentine’s Day Is Over, Let Me Tell You About Mr. A1 & The Awkwardness

It’s nice to have some breathing space on my TL now that Val’s Day is past. Back in the day, I used to laugh at my older single friends for gnashing on February 14th; you should’ve seen my face anytime I scrolled through my FB and IG timeline. Yeah yeah yeah we celebrate love everyday and don’t need a special day for it… Right 🙄 . We celebrate the life of Christ everyday and don’t need Christmas too, right?

So there’s guy, let’s call him Mr. A1

You know when you’re a little up the notch of friendship but still call yourself friends because it’s easier to say that, since you’re not dating yet? Yeah, Mr. A1 and I are just friends. No, I didn’t expect anything from him on Valentine’s Day. Hah! 😆 It’s not like he’s told me he’s in love with me and wants to celebrate the love like the whole world does on the day of love… 🙄 C’mon! It’s not like that at all (#sarcasmalert).

“so how did this special Val’s Day turn out for you?”

“any Val’s gift from a special potential beloved?”

“happy Val’s Day because we’re wishing one another”

But no… Nothing. Nothing (with a convincing smile)

Social Media was flooded with posts of couples displaying their affection for each other, live video surprises, pranks etc and they were beautiful and funny. But there’s always that other group who’ll say:

“you don’t need one day set aside to show love to your beloved one”

“a man who only shows love to his woman on Val’s Day is either broke or doesn’t love as much”

Dude! I’m all in for showing love everyday but if my man tells me this on Val’s Day as an excuse for not showing some loooooooooooove or TLC… Let’s just say he’ll know this before we start dating.

Love is a beautiful thing, undeniably. Mostly, it’s the most innocent and memorable times shared with each other that counts, and the little things in between – the hugs, the annoying teases and laughter, hands holding… Everyone wants to be a part of this.

And so yeah, it was a bit of a struggle for the single ladies like me and any single lady who’ll genuinely come out and admit it. But I’m glad it’s over. My TL has breathing space now.

One more thing… 😯

Respect to all November borns. You were likely conceived in Valentine’s Day, with so much love… Or desperation maybe.

© Purple Shades

Photographer: Holison Adiku (Holison Concept)