Why Do Online Sellers Omit The Prices Of Their Products?

When it comes to social media marketing, from the consumer’s point of view, the seller should never forget the power of the scroll buttons.

We live in an era where multitask is a way of qualifying an individual who’s geared towards success, so it is easier to have this individual scroll up and down online pages until his eyes are fixed on an inexplicably catchy post or product.

Now, from the consumer’s point of view, it is annoying to click a link, admire amazing photos of products and read at the bottom “inbox for prices” or “interested person’s should contact? ### for detailed information”.


There is so much competition on the online market. So many factors influence consumer preference, that we know, but the competition is tight now – marketers are making their products more presentable, even to the extent of providing free delivery but is this enough? Why wouldn’t I scroll down to check out the next competitor’s product when the price tags are clearly stated?


What if my internet connection is wonky and I’m unable to DM for the prices? You’ve lost a client. What if I need to know the prices to draw budget estimates of all the stuff I’ll like to purchase at a particular time?


Is it because the prices are high? Are you afraid the consumer would raise eyebrows when you display the price tags? How different will that be when revealed in the DMs?

Some will say “so we can make negotiations”. Let’s be real. How often do online sellers negotiate on prices of products and services? It’s likely that services might be negotiated when the supplier is fairly new or needs a good number of consumer following to gain grounds, but for how long?

I laid down this concern on my Facebook wall, and these were a few responses in the space of an hour –

Nii Quansa Quansah At times prices scare consumers … so its a bait when they take it it offers a reasonable truce for negotiation

Naa Adjeley Hehe ikr when the mention the price in DM and u can’t pay them it become awkward lol

Yaw Baffour-Awuah Some clients do not read. You’ll put the prices there pefeeeeee. Yet they’ll still comment and be asking how much and where are you located. Best thing sometimes is not to add the price and just wait for them to comment

Nii Nai Immediately I see that, I move on.

Nick Seun Adatsi Cos it’s too expensive

Peter Diamenu Miz Akwele personally I think it’s a way of exploiting people. At times you check items of local sellers on social media, compare it with prices elsewhere and you realize our local dealers have placed close to over 250% profit on their quotes. The most annoying part is it’s non-negotiable. Absolutely no room for bargaining.

Hiding product prices from consumers isn’t entirely bad after all. Reasonably, there is a psychological reason to why the price tags will be hid, for example we know that “cost doesn’t allow the customers to see the value they will get”.

Question is, why give the consumer who is a potential customer, an extra task to click an extra link for the prices of the product? Why make the potential customer incur more cost into making phone calls to inquire for uncertain prices?

Some reasons are mostly genuine, especially for e-commerce pages, but when it comes to social media, I doubt there is an excuse that favours the consumers.