Ananse Bags – “the African man is a smart man”

Wole Soyinka said, “and I believe that the best learning process of any kind of craft is just to look at the work of others”. Besides, there’s nothing new under the sun. Innovation is a necessary discovery of a creator’s ability to see what’s already there from a different perspective, and taking that step with available resources with the willingness and ability to design such discovery into something tangible. 

Ananse Bags caught my attention on social media ie. Facebook. One just had to post a couple of photos they admire and voila! The world sees it. What an era! So I thought, since I love talking about arts and lifestyle, why not promote this beautiful work of art on Purple Shades?

Patronizing Made In Ghana products is not as easy as it seems although we are quick to condemn others for it. Are your drinking cups or mugs made in Ghana? Are you Mondays to Fridays outfit made in Ghana? Perhaps Friday outfits, right? Here is the thing. It is not wrong to have non-Ghanaian products or artefacts in your home and workplace. What is wrong is when a Ghanaian sees a beautiful material produced in Ghana and deliberately walks away from that shelf or keeps scrolling up because they don’t want to feel indigenous. That, is wrong?

Maybe the individual feels the creators of these Made In Ghana products have their own marketers or team to push these products. Will it hurt a nerve to SHARE on your wall, RETWEET or REGRAM just because a Ghanaian has been innovative enough to put his crafts to use? Why is it so hard to support our own?

Ananse Bags has an intriguing story. According to the CEO Bless Akortse, the main focus of Ananse Bags is to produce a Ghanaian branded bag for the Ghanaian market, with an extension to the International Market as well. He said, “We want to get to a level where we won’t import in the country but concentrate on having it all locally”. When asked what makes Ananse Bags different from other handbags, backpacks and travelling bags, he replied, “most bags on the market are produced with PVC which isn’t of good quality… Leather bags are expensive but ours is cheaper… The prices are like that of PVC Bags”

The three models of Ananse Bags are travelling bags, hand bags and backpacks. The main materials used in producing these bags are foam net and leather.


Ananse is a local name we know from childhood…his stories tell you how smart he is. We believe Africans are very smart and proven everywhere we go. We are always outstanding but the challenge is being unified for a common course, eg we all decide on doing everything possible to make Ghana a better place. We can do it, which is the reason of the Ananse net, standing together as one people.

Pretty strong name. Leather usually lasts longer and the colours Ananse Bags come in, are suitable to match any clothing whiles adding a classy flare to one’s appearance.

It is easier to think than to have the thoughts of a creative thinker; it is easy to be a creative thinker as compared to a craftsman. Just as photographs aren’t taken but rather made (makes sense, right?), so is artistry and craftsmanship.

Take a look at the bags:

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