These things are pretty much messed up sometimes: girl meets guy, mutual interest start to manifest in uninterrupted dialogue and online communication… Falling in love, butterflies, then in a month reality sets in.

He was married to her for 7yrs; we know this because he left her a day after their anniversary. Why? Uh… Wait.

She’d fallen in love too many times and figured her luck card was the last she laid on the table. She was done for if he left. He didn’t. Lucy was born with silver spoon in her mouth… Well, she was fed with silver spoon after a few weeks so… It was only natural for her parents to provide her with the kind of comfort she’s always had by accepting a man of their class. She picked one like her.

Kay Bannerman is the married man who left his wife Liz a day after their 7th anniversary. Kay was the man Lucy picked.

On the morning of the separation, Liz finds a letter on Kay’s side of the bed. Alarmed, yes, but she was patient enough to get their 4yr old son ready for school and back home to have breakfast. Relaxing in her favourite couch, she opens the letter;

You know I wrote this, but what you don’t know is why I chose to write this and have you read it a day after our 7th anniversary.

Liz, I’ve loved you from the first night we met on the motorway on your way to Tema when you stopped to help me fix my friend’s car. Which girl does that? I’m smiling now. Gosh! I love you, Liz.

Will you forgive me if I left?

Will you think me a coward for leaving our son in your care without your consent?

I’m sorry. I know you’re fuming with rage, wearing a confused face rather than teary eyes. This isn’t a prank. You just rolled your eyes. Yes, I know my Liz.

My Liz.

There’s a package on the left bottom shelf in the dresser room, where you found your anniversary gift last night. It has all the answers – if you still think this is a prank or curious enough to know, open it.

Wait. Don’t go now.

I know you’ve had your suspicions about Lucy, but if only you’ll be open to understand what you see and read in that package, maybe you’ll hate me less.

No, I shouldn’t have said that. Forgive me. This is my 5th attempt at writing a letter that makes sense but I’m still failing, aren’t I? Pfft.

Liz: [shrugs] This has to be a joke

[Folds the letter and drops it in the locker]

Liz is the definition of prim and proper. There’s barely a stain on any furniture even with a 4yr old living in the same house. She takes her phone and dials Araba’s number. Araba is a house-help and a Nanny on weekends.

Liz: You’re late

Araba: Ma! I’m like 15min away. Traffic oo… I’m sorry.

[Doorbell rings and Liz answers. She opens the door]

Liz: Lucy?!

Lucy: Mrs. Bannerman

Liz: Yes Lucy, why are you here? It’s a Sunday.

Lucy: Mr. Bannerman asked me to pick some stuff to the office

Liz: Come in.

[She enters]


…to be continued

© Purple Shades

Photographer: Adrian McDonald