Guess What? You Can Have Your Desired “HOMECHO” With Original Recipes Fresh At Your Doorstep… In a Refrigerated Box

 We live in a busy era where one secular job isn’t quite good enough to satisfy our basic needs and desired wants; if you find yourself bored, you’re probably lazy or ignorant about what’s going on. This explains why young professional barely spends time at home to cook, even to have the sought after social life… offline.

One outstanding attribute about Ghana is the multiplicity of her rich cuisine. The options are interminable. From spicy to a 15min healthy meal, Ghanaians have along the years, learned to embrace the indigenous cuisine even with the proliferation of fast food joints.

But what if I introduce you to the revolutionized food culture in Ghana?

What if I tell you, you are about to discover the simplest way to make your home cooking happen without going to the food market or calling Mama for that recipe?

HomeCho is the first food service in Ghana with meal kits, formed by a group of food lovers who pride in home cooking. “Cho” is a jargon for “food”. Basically, HomeCho has a mobile refrigerator in a suitable package box with all the ingredients of a particular meal, keeping it fresh for up to 8hrs. The ingredients are fresh farm produce without artificial additives, and easy to make between 30-45 minutes.


Professionals with busy schedules, young and old.


Every box of HomeCho ingredients comes along with exacting recipes introduced every month.

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Personally, I am a food lover, so this invention by fellow Ghanaians to solve the problem of time and accessibility with regards to food and cooking, is rather an remarkable development and worth patronizing.

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