Let’s just say you’re not aware that FOOD is quite a delicate part of some people’s lives – we’ll leave it there.

No, we cannot leave it there. Besides the joy of food and eating, it turns out food flavours life’s most momentous twists and turns; ask how the proverb “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” came about. Good food creates memories, forges relationships (friendships) and even makes for good conversations. It’s simply an intimate experience. But some… most food vendors don’t get this.

Admit it, you’ve met worse food servers than nice ones. I’m of the view that food vendors just like Sunday School Teachers, Nursery Teachers, Nurses must have God given endowments with passion and skill on the same scale so as to care genuinely for people, as they be duty-bound to.

Now, the Indomie seller never listens to simple preferences of the customer she’s making her money from 😡  👿

Customer: Please, no pepper

Indomie Seller: At all?

Customer: At all. No pepper.

Indomie Seller: But how can you eat Indomie without pepper?

Customer: Ah!

Can we live in a world where food vendors do not see customers as hungry fans who will eat just anything, or buyers who cannot cook at home?

Wouldn’t the world be a better place? 🙄