At every point in a woman’s life, she goes beyond “beauty is only skin deep” to beauty is skin deep and a little grooming on the outside. Truth be told, every woman feels like her own damsel with a little touch of beautification.

Do I feel rather mature when I do my nails? Kinda.

Most women do their nails for altered reasons – soft natural nails that easily get broken, unpleasant nail colours, lifestyle purposes etc. I started doing my nails when one of my lady pastors noticed my worn off nail polish. She showed me hers,

“you see these? These are my own nails. I only applied Acrylic powder on my nails so the nail polish can last as long as I keep them, and go for refilling as it grows. It grows my nails pretty well too”

I playfully scrape off the nail polish on my nails a few days after painting them anyway, so I was like ‘why not?’ 😯 

I often recommend clients include painting their nails as one of many helpful coping skills. Sitting down to paint your nails is a simple gesture that tells you ‘I’m worth it’, ‘I deserve it’. People also talk with their hands, and seeing a pretty colour can brighten their mood. Women also compliment each other’s manicures quite frequently, and there’s nothing wrong with a little ego boost during your day – Greta Angert, a Los Angeles-based licensed psychotherapist specializing in anxiety.

Not everything a woman does is to turn men on. Women do things for the same reason men do things; to please themselves, sometimes to impress friends… other women as well  🙄 , we cannot omit that.

Mature isn’t the appropriate vocab in this context; I’ll say responsible depending on how sane the nails turn out. And I can proudly say, doing my nails has added a fine taste to photos I take with my nails showing in it, and selfies of course.