Growing up, I’d never been a breakfast person for the reason that I loved my meals heavy, and mother said not too much for breakfast else I’ll sleep in class.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, ads said 🙄

I’ll pass over the bread or pastries to my twin brother under the table and pour my Milo or tea in cup. He loved his breakfast. Then Aunt Yvette deliberately started the “Good Breakfast” tradition. She’ll come home after school ad discuss the breakfast she made at home, with my mum, in my presence. On other days, she’ll call and talk about how assorted and balanced her breakfast was. She was a baker and adventurous too, when it comes to food.

It changed me. They won. 😆

But enough of my breakfast story, take a look at the breakfast I made this weekend.

Baatsonaa bread is the most sort after bread in Accra, located on the Spintex road . I got a fresh loaf of fruit bread.

Take a look:

Dandelion leaves

Tuna flakes

Sweet Corn

…with Milo


Photo Credits: Purple Shades