I woke up from this dream practically an hour ago, immediately after, hearing a whisper, “I have a message for you”.

It was a full day’s dream as we’ll have it in reality, morning till night, but when I woke up to check the time, it was exactly 3hrs.

There was a bit of chaos in the beginning, with my life personally; a man I supposedly knew, changed his ‘self’, literally. He impersonated someone by using certain chemicals he said he’d made from the lab, and destroyed his actual self, so he never existed. He followed me for hours because I knew, yet he didn’t want word out there. So I kept running and hiding all day till I got to a sanctuary with a lot of people I happen to recognize. I was surprised to see the gathering, but it made me feel safe.

Later, I came out to the foyer to chat with a few people, then I heard some music, but as though it’s being played through horns, so I rushed out to find where it was from. People kept asking, ‘do you hear that too?’ Then and there others started crying. Before it ended, there was screaming everywhere!! Accidents… A plane crashed in the air!!

I rushed back into the sanctuary where one of the guys said, “The day has come, and we did not go”.
We were all scared and freaking out, for hours! Until one guy came in and said “but his hair shall grow to a certain length, then will he give us a second chance, those who weren’t taken before”. Another said “but we shall suffer here first”. Then another said “because after all these years, after all these tests, you waited for a second chance. That is the price”.

I started reminiscing moments and different movies I’d watched on RAPTURE and how I’d be so focused on heaven, days after such encounters, then the urge faded in days. I thought deeply, and said “This must be a dream”. That was when someone else said “it is as real as it gets”.

Another asked me, “So are you scared?” I answered YES. Another asked me, “Do you think they would have done differently if they knew?” I couldn’t answer, because I couldn’t think straight. There was a 2yr old in the room!!!!

It was around 9pm when I looked at my watch. Then I heard a whisper, “I have a message for you”. That was when I woke up.
I froze in my bed for several minutes, effortlessly trying to remember every detail of the dream, yet it was all so vivid. Hot tears run down my cheeks with every scene flashing in my mind’s eye, in my dark room. I decided to pray. I did.

I don’t want to miss the mark. I don’t want to wait for another chance, I wanted to be TAKEN too, not left behind.
How would you have felt if you were in this dream? What would you have done differently after?

Being born again is not enough. Accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour, loosening yourself hoping things will fall into place IS NOT ENOUGH; actually, that is just the beginning of the journey. But how can you reach your destination if you’re stationed at the entrance when all you do is smile at the road and say “finally, I see the light”?

I pray for your soul.

We should meet in heaven.