I’m not that kind of girl anymore, I keep telling myself that, but… there’s always that BUT. Father Lord, remember our pact? Your girl is a good girl and not chasing men anymore, only this once. We agreed, just this once. And what are the odds? A fre#king Pastor! Oops… bad language. Forgive.

So, lunch was awesome. Let me spare you the details… yep, Vida E Café… I know, right?

Well, nothing much:

Naomi: You’re staring.

KK: Why not? You’re here in the flesh.

Naomi: Yep

KK: Are you intentionally avoiding looking at me?

Uhh yeah! He had grey eyes on dark skin, and a couple of white strands on that neatly trimmed beard. No wonder the church girls were all over him. I won’t be [shrugs… takes in a sip of pineapple juice]. His fingers were… Huh!

Naomi: You don’t cut your fingernails often? They look good anyway

KK: Avoiding my question, aren’t you? And what’s with the fingernails question? Some fetish of some sort?

Naomi: No. Only that I’m inclined to believe you’re actually [takes in another sip slowly, staring into his grey eyes] a good boy.

[KK smiles and leans back in his seat]

KK: Ow!

Naomi: Yep.

KK: I’d meant to ask a question in person so since you’re here…

Naomi: Yes

KK: Yes? Do you know the question?

Naomi: Yes

KK: So, who’s he?

Naomi: You wouldn’t want to know.

KK: Try me

Naomi: Really, you wouldn’t. Should I take the bill? You didn’t plan a double lunch anyway.

KK: C’mon.

Naomi: Your brother.

KK: I don’t get you. My brother will pay for lunch?

[After a few seconds of silence and an awkward stare]

KK: Woah!!

Naomi: I’m sorry, lunch wasn’t such a good idea after all.

KK: Lexis?

Naomi: [stands up and carries her purse] I’ll get an Uber. It’s fine, really. But thanks.

[Walks away. KK tails her speedily and grabs her arm. Says softly…]

KK: Heeeeyyy don’t do that. We were having a good time.

Naomi: My point exactly. We ‘were’.

KK: No, I didn’t mean it like that. I asked the question, and I’m sorry it complicated the mood. I’ll take you to the hostel. At least, let me do this.

Naomi: I’m sorry, how I reacted.

KK: It’s fine, really. Let me settle the bill. Don’t move, please.

He left to the counter, and hey don’t blame me. I guess I pulled the wrong move, but I had to leave. I’m actually beginning to like this guy who’s my boyfriend’s older brother! Pfft! Tell me about it.

[Enters room]

Nana Adwoa: Right in time. You forgot the chicken wings?

Naomi: Oh!

Nana Adwoa: Oh? I beg, start the journey back to Night Market, that’s if you even went there at all.

Naomi: Nana Adwoa!

Nana Adwoa: What?! I’m not the one who’s going to bed on an empty stomach.

Naomi: It’s started pouring oo. Did you return my umbrella?

Nana Adwoa: Dayum! I dropped it in Pastor KK’s car.

Naomi: I beg, you start the journey to Night Market.

Nana Adwoa: Oh so now…

Naomi: Yep!

[Nana Adwoa steps out. Phone beeps]

Should I just block him? That will look wrong, won’t it? If I open the chat, he’ll see that I’ve read. He’ll think I’m ignoring him. He’ll think I’m desperate. He’ll think I’m one of those girls who flirt around and date family members. Anyway, he doesn’t have my room number so…

KK: You moved. No goodbyes. You’re losing points, Naomi.

Naomi: I’m not here to gain points. See, I’m sorry, but you know your brother.

KK: Amazing kid. He’s got good taste too, I didn’t know that.

Naomi: Right!

KK: Meaning? Anything you’ll like me to know?

[No reply]

KK: I’m seeing you again

Naomi: No

KK: I’m not asking. Your umbrella is in my car and I’m downstairs, coming up now.

Naomi: [surprise emoji]

KK: Surprise!

[Nana Adwoa enters]

Nana Adwoa: Surprise!!

Naomi: Yay. Where’s the chicken?

Nana Adwoa: Guess who I met on my way out.

Naomi: Oh! Oh hey!!

No. No. No. What’s he doing here?


…to be continued