Naomi: Oh! Oh hey!!

Nana Adwoa: [at Naomi] Oh hey? Dude! Come on and give him some love

The thought of him scares me till now. But I can’t do this anymore. He knows I can’t.

[Naomi walks closer with a fake smile fenced by her lips and gives him 3sec hug.

Nana Adwoa: Okaaaaayyyy! We’ll certainly need those chicken wings. I’ll be back before you know it.

[Nana Adwoa exits]

Naomi: What are you doing here?

Lexis: Surprising you. At least act like you’re happy. I bet she suspects it.

Naomi: I smiled, Lexis.

He draws close to her to plant a kiss on her cheek

My hand couldn’t have moved any faster; reflex always comes in handy. If I’d processed the thought of slapping him, it would’ve been harder than this.

Naomi: Don’t you ever!!!

Lexis: You are my woman, Naomi.

Naomi: So what? You own me? You don’t own me!

Lexis: You’re raising your voice.

Naomi: Oh I know.

Lexis: Can I talk? Please.

Naomi: [blank stare]

Lexis: I’m a changed person, I can swear my life on that. What happened… what I did, it wasn’t fair to you, and I’m sorry. It’s just that…

Naomi: [blank stare]

Lexis: …the look in your eyes. You won’t ever forgive me, will you?

Naomi: Maybe when those bruises heal, I’ll consider thinking about forgiving you. You. You were… gosh! This is it, Lexis. You need to leave. I’ll tell Nana Adwoa something came up.

Lexis: Meaning?

Naomi: Oh you know damn right what I mean.

Lexis: You cannot leave me, Naomi.

Naomi: [scuffs]

Lexis: You do not leave me.

I never realized how involved i was with a man who has a deep seated need to control and be Narcissistic – Lexis. In an effort to set things right, I contributed to my own misery, thoughtlessly enduring him for 28 months. Wow!

He was the perfect guy, perfectly projecting a highly skilled image convincing us all how he had strong values and principles. His breath didn’t even have a trace of a man capable of abuse. His thoughtful and caring behavior always gave me more reason to take the blame.

I did.

Always. And gave him an excuse every time – ‘it is not him, he’ll change. He loves me’.

What did I get myself into?

Naomi: Take your hands off me, Lexis. I’ll scream.

He holds a tighter grip and pulls her closer. He’s strong… stronger. He pulls both wrists to his chest such that she was close enough to smell his breath.

He whispers in her face;

Lexis: I said I’ve changed. We are starting all over. You… [frowns his face as if wanting to breakdown, yet still strong] You… [breathing heavily] my love, can never leave me. We are bound for life!

Naomi: [spits in his face]

Instantly, he loosens the grip and she runs to the door. Fortunately, the door was slightly open.

She bumps into KK.

Oh no. Did he hear?

[In her shaken voice]

Naomi: KK!

KK: [staring at her with fuming rage]

He takes her by the hand and pulls her close to his chest.

KK: It’s okay. It’s okay.

KK walks in, shielding Naomi.

He comes face to face with Lexis.

Lexis: Naomi, you know him?

KK: This is what’s going to happen.

Lexis: Yo! Big bro, it’s not what you think.

KK: You’re stepping out of this room and never laying eyes on her again. From now, she’s under my protection. She’s no longer your girlfriend and you’re moving back to the family house. I’ve sent Dad a message. He’s expecting you.

Lexis: Dad? C’mon bro let’s settle this. You didn’t have to… He’ll kill me mehn

KK: [raises his voice] SHUT UP, BOY!!

She tightens her arm in his.

He slowly shuts his eyes in relaxation for a second and tightens her arm… they understood it.

KK: Listen to me. Before you leave, you will go on your knees and apologize to her. You will then walk away without looking back. Do that now.

Lexis: But…

In a flash, KK hits his brother in the face and holds him up by his collar so he doesn’t fall. He screams in his younger brother’s face.


Lexis immediately goes on his knees in tears

Lexis: I’m sorry, Naomi. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything. I am [sobbing] so so-sor-sorry.

After a few seconds of sobs and heavy breathing, KK speaks again.

KK: Get going now.

Lexis: Bro, you know me mehn. I’m sorry. It’s not me.

KK: Get out now.

He walks away.

Nana Ama enters.

Nana Ama: Uhm… okaaaayyyyy??

Naomi: I’ll explain later. We’ll be back. [At KK] Let’s take a walk.

It was like a movie scene. I’m not even sure I described it vividly enough. But I’ll end it here, I don’t want my private life out there like that… you know what I mean.

It’s been a little over 6mths and Lexis hasn’t been anywhere close. Apparently, he’s in Ukraine now, dating some chic who’s a few months preggers for him. 🙄

KK on the other hand, well… mmmhh hahahaha 😆 where has he been all my life?? 😳  😳