IN THE DM – S02 E01

Do we want love or simply want to ‘try things out’? Do we know why we want to love, what our deepest needs are, why we want companionship? Is it to escape from something within or to unite that ‘thing’ we feel isn’t entirely whole? It could be “I just want to be happy”.

Hahahahaha! Oh I’m soooooooo trying this. This is hilarious.

[phone ring on the other side]

Oops… I hope it isn’t some old woman speaking some strange…

Phil: Hello, Phil here.

Kuu: Lordson? Hello?

Phil: I think you got the wrong number, this is Phil

Kuu: Hello… he-hello the line is breaking up

[Rubs her fingers on the mouthpiece]

Kuu: Hello… Hello

[Hangs up]

[Kuu and Esi laugh histerically]

Esi: So…?

Kuu: Chale staaahhhppp! Some refined Ghanaian accent bi like that – “I think you got the wrong number, this is Phil”

Esi: Hahahaha you’re crazy. You should go of Twitter. All these memes and silly jokes are fueling your crazy.

Kuu: I learn from the best.

It’s an interesting world today, really. How can one be so up on with social media and go a day without laughing? People say I’m a happy girl, why not? The sun brings enough light to make us enjoy the moment before dark, and besides ECG has been good this year… why not?

I am Kuu, by the way. What I did a few minutes ago – Esi dared me to make a prank call so I dialed my number, only changed the last digit to the next digit. I saw it on Twitter.

[Phone pings – Facebook Chat notification]

Atta: Hey.

Kuu: Hey.

Atta: You’re good? It’s been forever.

Kuu: Yeah.

Atta: So, what’s new?

Kuu: Nothing much.

[7min later]

Atta: How is work and family? Your cousin still with you?

Kuu: All is well by God’s grace. Yes.

[11min later]

Atta: I’ve been following you on here for a while. It’s not as if I’m some stalker or anything but…

Kuu: …9yrs.

Atta: When you say it like that…

[Message marked as read]

[7min later]

Atta: I guess you’re busy.

I could be. What if I wasn’t behind my PC? Oh yeah he can tell I’m messaging from my phone. I could’ve had a long call. Stuff happen. It’s the virtual world. Besides, guys don’t like that much attention, do they?

[4min later]

Atta: If you wouldn’t mind, I’ll like us to schedule a day to meet. I work from home so it’ll be on your terms.

[Message marked as read]

[2hrs later]

Kuu: Sorry, I had a call.

Atta: No problem.

Kuu: A meet up?

Atta: That’s if you’re okay with it.

Kuu: After 9yrs, why now?

Atta: You know why

Kuu: I know why, but why now?

[Another chat pops up]

Chris: 2017 dawger of the year

Kuu: *takes a bow*

Chris: Haahahaha you’re one of a kind.

Kuu: And…?

Chris: …and you’ve been hiding a whole year.

Kuu: O! Someone can’t wait to see this girl. Oh my gosh! What an honour it will be to meet with one of Ghana’s finest star CHRIS PETERSON!

Chris: Hahaha!! I’m not Ghana’s finest. I don’t see myself as such anyway.

Kuu: Put off your phone screen and stare right at it, you’ll see.

Chris: Mmhhh!

Kuu: Seen it?

Chris: Uh… not that bad. You actually made me look.

Kuu: I have that effect on people.

Chris: The Premiere? Silverbird. Tonight.

Kuu: Your question is?

Chris: I have a ticket for you, and a seat next to me.

Kuu: You’re asking me…?

Chris: Yes ma’am.

Kuu: Not scared that my look might upset? You’ve only seen my face on Twitter.

Chris: I don’t mind.

Kuu: Your woman couldn’t make it?

Chris: Are you asking if I have one?

Kuu: You can straight up tell me. And NO.

Chris: ‘NO’ you’re declining?

Kuu: ‘NO’ I’m not asking if you have a woman.

Chris: See you tonight? How do I get in touch? Can I have your digits?

Kuu: I’m only a DM away.

Chris: Ouch! She just bounced. Looking forward to seeing you tonight.

Kuu: You’re smiling.

Chris: And you know this, how?

[Opens Facebook Chat with Atta]

Atta: I was confused and in a tight corner. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do. She had access to my passwords, my locations, everything. I’ve been asking what it was she discussed with you that day but she wouldn’t tell me, and before I knew it, you’d unfriended me on Facebook, unfollowed on IG and Twitter. I figured that talk pushed you to cut me off. I just didn’t know why. I guess it’s time.

Kuu: Okay, let’s talk.

…to be continued