How do you do this to us? How do you get our attention with little details of reminders of our past and who we are in you? How??

Yeah, it works every time and I cannot hold back that nostalgic feeling and my desire to be in a CERTAIN PLACE with you.

With all the noise in this world today, it is easy for us to forget; forget who we are, how far we’ve come, what… who keeps sustaining us, who we must be thankful to and honour each day. Hah!

We blame technology, era, even religion for making us this way, but I really don’t want to lose focus. I really want to fix my eyes on you, the author of my faith.

I see the little children on the streets and realize how privileged blessed I am to be where I am.
I see the dumb and I feel blessed that I speak.
I see the deaf and I love it even more that I can hear.
I see, and it makes me appreciate everything beautiful.

So yeah, maybe I don’t want to shut up. I don’t want to fit int. I want to tell the whole world how you keeping keeping me… who you are to me – Father, friend, King.