Death is wicked, but God is still faithful. Perhaps these aren’t the words I’m expecting to here when I’m bereaved, but it helps… it helps to know that God is still faithful through it all. I may not like it in the moment but when I’m calm and alone, I’ll replay these words… do anything for a little strength to hold another tear from effortlessly falling.

Death is hitting home, literally – family, friends, loved ones, loved ones of close friends.

It could be that life is looking so real as compared to 5yrs ago when responsibilities didn’t feel like RESPONSIBILITIES and our failures hadn’t dented so deeply to make us appreciate our relationships… appreciate life.

But why should this be?

Why should death remind us of life?

Why should such a wicked thing cause us to appreciate such a precious thing – LIFE!

Why should it be taken away before we see its value?

In all this, it is well. I believe it and I know you do too.

I don’t know what your resolve is when you lose someone so dear, but I know it’s sanely far from death. Leave death to cause you to appreciate life and PURPOSE, but don’t wait till it does. Do not wait to be hit so hard in the chest with such heaviness till you live each moment changing lives, causing smiles, and by all means saving some.