Being a Sunday School teacher basically opened my mind to what I missed in my Sunday School days. Basic, really, not putting into consideration the era then and now. The Word of God remains the same and there’s nothing new under the sun.


At every point in a woman’s life, she goes beyond “beauty is only skin deep” to beauty is skin deep and a little grooming on the outside. Truth be told, every woman feels like her own damsel with a little touch of beautification.


  Growing up, I’d never been a breakfast person for the reason that I loved my meals heavy, and mother said not too much for breakfast else I’ll sleep in class.

Guess What? You Can Have Your Desired “HOMECHO” With Original Recipes Fresh At Your Doorstep… In a Refrigerated Box

 We live in a busy era where one secular job isn’t quite good enough to satisfy our basic needs and desired wants; if you find yourself bored, you’re probably lazy or ignorant about what’s going on. This explains why young professional barely spends time at home to cook, even to have the sought after social life… offline.

Ananse Bags – “the African man is a smart man”

Wole Soyinka said, “and I believe that the best learning process of any kind of craft is just to look at the work of others”. Besides, there’s nothing new under the sun. Innovation is a necessary discovery of a creator’s ability to see what’s already there from a different perspective, and taking that step with available resources with the willingness and ability to design such discovery into something tangible. 

Why Do Online Sellers Omit The Prices Of Their Products?

When it comes to social media marketing, from the consumer’s point of view, the seller should never forget the power of the scroll buttons.

Now That Valentine’s Day Is Over, Let Me Tell You About Mr. A1 & The Awkwardness

It’s nice to have some breathing space on my TL now that Val’s Day is past. Back in the day, I used to laugh at my older single friends for gnashing on February 14th; you should’ve seen my face anytime I scrolled through my FB and IG timeline. Yeah yeah yeah we celebrate love everyday and don’t need a special day for it… Right 🙄 . We celebrate the life of Christ everyday and don’t need Christmas too, right?


Fabrics with pattern have a way of portraying beauty and elegance in a rather sophisticated way, in that it is admirable to see an individual wrapped up in the perfect combination of pattern fabrics with a touch of plain fabrics or other materials to create that perfect blend. In all truth, it doesn’t always work but when it does, it’s definitely a blog worthy post. 

SIMPLIFIED: ‘Hyire’ OR Ash? A Royal Funerary Display of Akan Culture At The Burial Ceremony of The Late Asantehemaa Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II

Neurologically, people have a need to feel oriented, to know where they are, not just in terms of a compass and not just in terms of geography, but in terms of their culture and history. To be informed about where they’re coming from and to have some glimpse towards a hopeful future – I didn’t say this, James Howard Kunstler did.

HEHEMOJI (Beta) – A Judicious Imitation By Ian Quhachi

Authenticity is invaluable and originality is non-existent, but the creative pro knows not to conceal their thievery, rather celebrate it and let the whole world know the sources which resonate their inspiration and imagination.

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