Photo of The Week : Black, Smile & Print!

There are days where the only trigger to a smile is that shot the photographer steals unaware. Usually, those photographs make the most natural and unrehearsed photos.

Photo : “Conformity” By Justin Reid

I couldn’t keep scrolling down without featuring this picture here. Who sees beauty intertwined with power and overlooks it… No!

Maybe Muscles… Yeah! But Practice Puts Brains In Them. Meet Fitness Model & Coach Randy Kotey Kotei

In this day, it is only fair to want the easier way out and in to everything. If it’s faster, simpler, more efficient even temporarily, why not? After all, the opportunities lay bare in plain sight, and even the closed doors aren’t locked. When it comes to staying fit and healthy, we are not ignorant of the fact that it takes a lot of work and devotion. I am personally a lover of it, and I know how lazy it gets especially with jammed up routines and day to day activities. With this thought, I decided to feature a cutting-edge […]

These Poetic Love Letters Will Gladden Your Soul

Over light years, Words still retain some power to warm our hearts and heal our hurts, even though they can easily break these same hearts and hurt these wounds. They are like a two edged sword.

Photo of The Week: WOMAN, You Too Shall Grow

Initially, the plan was to post this that speaks for itself without laying down my thoughts to satisfy yours too, but forgive me, my fingers got itchy.

Meet Kwadwo Asante-Kwabiah – Designer of The PURPLE SHADES Website

There are those we work with whom we dread ever crossing paths with. Others, well, they become a part of our lives – yeah, maintaining good relationships matter.

If She’s Black, She Glows

Ever seen black glow so bright it magnetizes colourful substances?

Weird Phenomenon On Yummy Mummy

So this photo got me curious of pregnancy changes especially on the skin. I know of the dark line that goes from your pubic bone way up towards the breasts but a darkened baby bump – this is new to me!

“How Are You? Really” – HONEST SESSIONS

Have you ever felt ill at ease responding to salutations like “how do you do?” and “how are you?” Typical, huh?

We Found The Mother – Guess What Her Secret Is!

Watch this interview: Did you figure them out? Well, I couldn’t! I am a twin with little identical sisters twins but still couldn’t.

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