Photo : “Conformity” By Justin Reid

I couldn’t keep scrolling down without featuring this picture here. Who sees beauty intertwined with power and overlooks it… No!

These Poetic Love Letters Will Gladden Your Soul

Over light years, Words still retain some power to warm our hearts and heal our hurts, even though they can easily break these same hearts and hurt these wounds. They are like a two edged sword.

Weird Phenomenon On Yummy Mummy

So this photo got me curious of pregnancy changes especially on the skin. I know of the dark line that goes from your pubic bone way up towards the breasts but a darkened baby bump – this is new to me!

“How Are You? Really” – HONEST SESSIONS

Have you ever felt ill at ease responding to salutations like “how do you do?” and “how are you?” Typical, huh?

Lip Smacking Cheeseburger At Cuppa Cappuccino!!

Darn! This looks good. It must taste good too.

error: Ha! Don\'t Do That!