I’m not that kind of girl anymore, I keep telling myself that, but… there’s always that BUT. Father Lord, remember our pact? Your girl is a good girl and not chasing men anymore, only this once. We agreed, just this once. And what are the odds? A fre#king Pastor! Oops… bad language. Forgive.


Being a Sunday School teacher basically opened my mind to what I missed in my Sunday School days. Basic, really, not putting into consideration the era then and now. The Word of God remains the same and there’s nothing new under the sun.

Q&A With Purple Shades – I

The main purpose of blogging is to inform and interact. I figured I could occasional engage my social media friends in a genuine Q&A session. Over the weekend, Helyn, Paul and Meg had some curiosities which I just satisfied.

Strict Grammatical Rules For Your CV

Resumes are neither letters nor MYSELF essays. It took me a while in High School to get that into application; the employer wants to know about my achievements and abilities, what else? I learned that, resumes are marketing strategies, more like an advert shows the core idea and gets you curious enough to want to find out more about the product, the employer on the other hand is interested enough to ask the job seeker in for an interview.

50 pesewas For Bread… Please.

I’d just bought a tuber of yam and some sausages to go make me lunch. He was adorable; I couldn’t resist smiling at him. I did, until he approached me and asked me for money.

… Was Stuck On Mr. P

You know that one crush that never grows fainter? That’s Mr. P

No Uterus, No Comment!

As if dealing with my period isn’t enough, I have to also deal with a sanitary pad which seems wide off the mark! This is pretty maddening.

I Can Text This Way Too

Well idk, prhps if u stop txt’n dis way n strt 2 ryt in ful, hu knws, I myt as well. No, am nt a PARTY POOPER. U’ll c dat am more PLEASURABLE whn u r able 2 knw da dfrnc btwn “am” & “I’m”, and hnstly use dem APPROPRIATELY instd of focus’n on txt’n wid’out VOWELS. Is it dat u cnt spell da words? BE HONEST. Oh! I gt it! YOU USE A SMART PHONE WITH AN AUTO CORRECT and the T9 PREDICTIVE TEXT BUT YOU AREN’T SMART AFTER ALL. We know of the Internet abbreviations; LOL when you’re […]

I Am Never Seeing The Dentist Again!!

I Am Never Seeing The Dentist AGAIN!! I am in so much pain this very minute… so much that I could give that dentist a blow in the face that could fracture my knuckles. The tooth extraction was today, and it was successfully done. But the pain is agonizing. Give me, in exchange for this, the pain I felt days ago when my wisdom tooth was utterly unruly. Please! I would not wish this for my worst enemy. I’ve experienced diverse pains, but this is indescribable. I can even feel the pain in my knees. “Relax your jaws… relax your […]

Writer’s Block S#cks!!

Israel Allende says “write what cannot be forgotten”. Let me try; This picky sentence has been re-written innumerable times in different way. It started with the story of a sheep, distorted to the couple I saw last night touching each other behind my house, then I began to narrate the story of the lady who got attacked by armed robbers in my neighborhood –no I didn’t witness it, mother put in the picture. I’ll try not to delete this sentence… phew! I didn’t. Heard of the Ghanaian couple who recently gave birth at Bradford Royal Infirmary to their third set […]

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