Love Me Some February!

It’s a month of love and I’m probably more excited than you are.

Mum Entered The Bathroom… With Me In It!!

🙁 Mother oh Mother! My mother is the most amusing mother in the world! In my childhood years, I’d enter the bathroom without restraint, when Mother was bathing, even Curtis (twin brother). I’m grown now… who does that still?? Does she even care? This morning, mother did it with ease. “Maa!” “What?? Are you not my daughter? Today you’re shy?!” I couldn’t fight it. She stole conscious stares at me while I bathed, making sure I saw her stare, with pleasant smiles. I must say it was a bit uncomfortable. “Let me scrub your back for you” “Maa! I can […]

5 Days Until Extraction! The Dentist Said

If I could curse this wisdom tooth, I would, but what’s the use? The pain is excruciating and unbearable. No, this isn’t the first time she’s alerted me of her existence –it’s actually the third, yet the most agonizing. Have you ever felt wiser feeling your wisdom tooth shooting up? Then take it off, please! Doc, please. DAY 1 – THE DAY BEFORE… It was only but Friday I had a shoot during the day, then had dinner with a friend and laughed my heart out fluently. The pains begun to settle in on Saturday, but I had 2 papers […]

An Independent Sheep Is A Goat!

Ever seen a sheep crossing the road or streets alone, without its shepherd? He stands in the middle of the road timid, and crying for help.

Please Tell Nii That I’ll Be Better

Nii is too cool to entertain such behaviour from me; I will be better, please tell him that.

B! -He’s Here

His name is B. Whatever B stands for; you might not be far from wrong.


Perchance you were expecting this write-up to begin with “he is bold, intelligent, articulate in his speech and writings, adroit in his thoughts, has a laudable sense of humour… he is, as the airwaves recognizes him, THE MORNING MAN on Joy99.7 fm”. And I just said that in Doreen Andoh’s voice. Scratch that!

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