Growing up, I’ve never been ambitious, but if finding a couple of strengths along the way and majoring in them counts, that’s cool with me too.

God is everything.

Music is soothing
Writing speaks for me
Art is at my core
Natural Hair is NOT a trend!

And FOOD is usually ecstatic.

I go by the name Miz Akwele – it’s my name, and there’s also Patricia, Ama, Anowa, and the long lasting temporary name Quarcoo which I’ve been cautioned to trade for another sleek surname, in time.

My passion for writing and the arts birthed Purple Shades Blog. My love for music kept me hung on Flo’Riva (BVs for Cwesi Oteng, a Ghanaian Gospel Music Artists) 8yrs and counting.

There’s also that creative drive and consults for brands with regards to design work and photography.

Gosh! Enough about me. Can we talk about the weather now?

Ok, back to the matter:

Why #PurpleShades? – I don’t know, really, I don’t… okay well, that was a lie, I do know.

What else describes an artist without soul, creativity, ingenuity, vulnerability, attraction to beautiful things, cynicism, and sensitivity? His works are short-lived without these. He is NOT an artist. But art, art lives forever; the brush and strokes, clicks and shutters, pen and pages… they live forever. Purple screams of these qualities you are yet to discover on here.

I must confess, Purple isn’t my favourite colour but has grown on me. I’ll go for black or white in a heartbeat, yet the variation of this peculiar colour as of Lavender, holds the power of imagination, attraction to beautiful things, and even our spirituality; allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts while calming our emotions.

This blog has all that matters in life – FAITH, FOOD, PHOTOGRAPHY.