Purple wheels-4

Don’t be depressed if you Do Not end up answering the question “Who Am I” with a single line; that’s just me encouraging myself. Perhaps I can start appropriately by saying “Hi, I am Miz Akwele…” Does that make you want to say “hi” back?

I could also start by answering the question “Is Miz Akwele your real name?” /sigh/

‘AKWELE’ is my traditional name. I am a Ga girl from Ghana, West Africa, earning this name at birth by being the first twin girl. The other name ‘MIZ’ is an improvisation of ‘Miss’ directly translated traditionally as ‘AWURA’ which literally means ‘Lady’ or ‘Ms’ or ‘Ma’am’. So here’s the thing – I thought ‘Miz’ sounded quite sleek for a pen name preceding my actual name, and besides, most individuals DO NOT GET the pronunciation right, thus MIZ AKWELE. What do you think? It works fine, right?

Why #PurpleShades? – I don’t know, really, I don’t… okay well, that was a lie, I do know.

What else describes an artist without soul, creativity, ingenuity, vulnerability, attraction to beautiful things, cynicism, and sensitivity? His works are short-lived without these. He is NOT an artist. But art, art lives forever; the brush and strokes, clicks and shutters, pen and pages… they live forever. Purple screams of these qualities you are yet to discover on here.

I must confess, Purple isn’t my favourite colour. I’ll go for black or white in a heartbeat, yet the variation of this peculiar colour as of Lavender, holds the power of imagination, attraction to beautiful things, and even our spirituality; allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts while calming our emotions.

There you have it! I wrote more than a line. Did I fail the depression test?

Purple wheels