Fabrics with pattern have a way of portraying beauty and elegance in a rather sophisticated way, in that it is admirable to see an individual wrapped up in the perfect combination of pattern fabrics with a touch of plain fabrics or other materials to create that perfect blend. In all truth, it doesn’t always work but when it does, it’s definitely a blog worthy post. 

The Colourful Black Woman

Should we keep stressing how beautiful black is until you’re tired of hearing it? BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. Besides the skin is everything else about it – from the extreme ends of both temperatures to the strength in our bones, from the unique endowment of our feminine features to the estimably fearsome men, then there’s originality in craftsmanship and evidence in our own prints.

A Look At Chaste Clothing’s New Apparel Collection – Viva Collection

Following the unveiling of Chaste Clothing’s new apparel collection VIVA COLLECTION, is the archetypal lookbook. According to CEO Daniel Odonkor, “people often ask ‘is it real? Did you actually make that in Ghana?’, so I decided to involve the public to see for themselves and feel with their hands”.

Photo of The Week : Black, Smile & Print!

There are days where the only trigger to a smile is that shot the photographer steals unaware. Usually, those photographs make the most natural and unrehearsed photos.

Colour. Poise. Snap – We Are Ready For The Unveiling of “Little Miss Sunshine” By FEBRUARY BY SERWAA

Clearly our indigenous craftsmen are not failing their craftsmanship classes, and even more impressively, they are fashioning essential materials that are going a long way to creating firm brand voices. Say HELLO to Ghanaian based kids and womenswear clothing line February by Sewraa.

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