At every point in a woman’s life, she goes beyond “beauty is only skin deep” to beauty is skin deep and a little grooming on the outside. Truth be told, every woman feels like her own damsel with a little touch of beautification.

Sample Face Beat Definition By Zaron Cosmetics 

Remember a time when facebeat was infrequent? Today, it is more or less slightly basic. Women have embraced the thought of the art as enhancing beauty rather than an absolute cover up of one’s originality… well, unless it covers up her originality with intent.

The Colourful Black Woman

Should we keep stressing how beautiful black is until you’re tired of hearing it? BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. Besides the skin is everything else about it – from the extreme ends of both temperatures to the strength in our bones, from the unique endowment of our feminine features to the estimably fearsome men, then there’s originality in craftsmanship and evidence in our own prints.

Actress & Broadcaster Naa Ashorkor In Her New Modish Sweat!

Back in school when we used to wear uniforms, we were made to cut down our hair so low that we often had a tomboy look, except for the difference in the male and female school uniforms. We used to call the hair ‘SWEAT’. But fashion and style never really dies, does it?

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