Ever cared for your nappy hair so much that you’ve wondered if it should have a particular regimen… perhaps it likes surprises every now and then? This episode’s Nappy hair Pleasure features an adept in living a toxic free life, organic beauty and hair lover Marie Manu. 

Product Review: Coily Crown CURL GEL Coconut Milk Curl Enhancer

We live in a world where fashion and lifestyle evolves in a cyclical turn; we see this, we know this, we live it. Nothing seems new anymore unless it is packaged in an alluring way; we see this, we know this, we are living it. Here is a look at my first product review on the blog and on my vlog on Coily Crown’s new product, CURL GEL COCONUT MILK CURL ENHANCER by the Body Butter Company, based in Ghana.

Nappy Hair Pleasure #03 – Michele-Noemi

We moved from the burning grease that made us moan, to the relaxers that relaxed our scalps… so we thought. Today, we’re embracing our hair as it is – naturally.

Nappy Hair Pleasure #02 – AWO LICIOUS

All women whether white, black, Asian, Caucasian, can relate when it comes hair and how we agonize over how to wear it, to add some colour or not to, and the flinching thought of the hair growing rather slowly if not growing at all.

Actress & Broadcaster Naa Ashorkor In Her New Modish Sweat!

Back in school when we used to wear uniforms, we were made to cut down our hair so low that we often had a tomboy look, except for the difference in the male and female school uniforms. We used to call the hair ‘SWEAT’. But fashion and style never really dies, does it?

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