HEHEMOJI (Beta) – A Judicious Imitation By Ian Quhachi

Authenticity is invaluable and originality is non-existent, but the creative pro knows not to conceal their thievery, rather celebrate it and let the whole world know the sources which resonate their inspiration and imagination.


Ever cared for your nappy hair so much that you’ve wondered if it should have a particular regimen… perhaps it likes surprises every now and then? This episode’s Nappy hair Pleasure features an adept in living a toxic free life, organic beauty and hair lover Marie Manu. 


Silhouette has always being one of my least pride in word to spell, but undoubtedly one of the most visually satisfying artistic impressions.


I had to edit this intro since the man sitting right next to me in the bus is stealing glances at my screen. Hah! He laughs. Perhaps I should just continue by letting him in on the nucleus of this piece – love on the south side, companionship all the way down, revenge on the right side, some hope left, and unwavering desire holding it all down in the bull’s eye; nothing deep.

Product Review: Coily Crown CURL GEL Coconut Milk Curl Enhancer

We live in a world where fashion and lifestyle evolves in a cyclical turn; we see this, we know this, we live it. Nothing seems new anymore unless it is packaged in an alluring way; we see this, we know this, we are living it. Here is a look at my first product review on the blog and on my vlog on Coily Crown’s new product, CURL GEL COCONUT MILK CURL ENHANCER by the Body Butter Company, based in Ghana.

Photo of The Week : Black With A Dash Of Colour

This photo was a digital portrait painting of me from the canvas of Lexis Pryme Konceptz in celebration of my 26th birthday. 

An 8-Hour Crush Story

Surprisingly, the little things that cause a category of women to crush on other men have no if not less bearing on physical appearances, although physical appearances play a critical role. Exactly 4hrs ago, Nick Seun Adatsi pushed one of my vulnerable buttons in a simple online platform mention, and I crushed in a heartbeat.

Style Tips: How To Rock A Garden Wedding Outfit

As traditional and customary as Ghanaian wedding ceremonies can be, we cannot rule out the palpable detail of wedding ceremonies held outside the church. Hire a venue – beachside, conference, a posh restaurant, even a beautiful garden. One of Ghana’s notable stylists Afua Rida presents tips on how to choose the right colours of outfit for a Garden Wedding ceremony.

Q&A With Purple Shades – I

The main purpose of blogging is to inform and interact. I figured I could occasional engage my social media friends in a genuine Q&A session. Over the weekend, Helyn, Paul and Meg had some curiosities which I just satisfied.

My Twin Is My +1

There are days where in all honesty, there is nothing to write. Those are the days when my emotions are either overly overwhelmed or roughly non-existent. So I waited a few hours until this sensation became convenient.

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