Being a Sunday School teacher basically opened my mind to what I missed in my Sunday School days. Basic, really, not putting into consideration the era then and now. The Word of God remains the same and there’s nothing new under the sun.


She’s usually… scratch that, it’s me; I am usually levelheaded in cherry-picking the appropriate coquettish words… aptly. You’ll read it as if I’m physically with you. Talk of a good sexting tease with images you need not download. What? Jpeg? Cliché.


…fellowship with you, our friends, pork kebab, Revival at 7, “good morning” right after 12am on the car park… let it never end. Let the kids grow to know and be happy in His house.

Your Decision Lost The Ring – Episode 3 – Kwabena

Death comes for us all, not just once in our state of living, but the ultimate end of life happens to us all once we no more live.

NO! Bishop Dag Heward-Mills Is NOT Forcing Young People To Marry Only To Fulfill Sexual Desires

When I first read Sena Quashie’s article a few hours ago, I hesitated reacting to it. I thought it was pointless to squelch the opinions of a fellow writer who made it clear in his opening line “before I start this post, I’d like to state very clearly that I identify as Christian” in an article on “how Dag Heward Mills is pushing young people into early marriage just because of the need to fulfill a sexual desire is already preposterous without throwing the whole idea of being a better Christian into the mix.” But I got itchy and concerned […]

…Wore A Mini Skirt To Church And Got The Front Row – Don’t Judge Me

Enough of the ‘don’t judge me’ attitude! Yes, we will judge you, in our heads, because we are human, this you know. Own up if you like the attention and the periodic mess of having intolerant Christian ladies approach you on the subject of your dressing.

You Are A Virgin, So What??

So you’re a Virgin –pure, unblemished and untouched, but that’s fine because it is that ultimately priceless gift hubby will pride in on the night of your first P-in-the-V experience.

How About Sex With The Saint?

The conventional Christian relationship is not an easy one. Accept as true this is. I’ve been on both ends and assertively the struggles of the lackadaisical Christian couple and the secular couple doesn’t come close to the ‘unadventurous’ Christian couple.

An Independent Sheep Is A Goat!

Ever seen a sheep crossing the road or streets alone, without its shepherd? He stands in the middle of the road timid, and crying for help.

B! -He’s Here

His name is B. Whatever B stands for; you might not be far from wrong.

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