These things are pretty much messed up sometimes: girl meets guy, mutual interest start to manifest in uninterrupted dialogue and online communication… Falling in love, butterflies, then in a month reality sets in.

Naadu – Episode 8

Love isn’t always enough, is it? If it can be sparked, then it can die. If it can die, then it can be revived. Whichever way, there’s more to loving than the butterfly effect and electrifying chills… there is work.

From Ewurasi With Love – Lilac Val Notes (1)

I am… Ewurasi Akyere Jonah Kumah, an event planner by profession, a music lover/singer and a wife to Kennedy Kwame Kumah, a Sales Analyst who loves God, his family and work. He is… …a bit of an introvert but over time he’s learnt to cope with my noisy, bubbly self, and my family and friends. He has a very interesting personality. He’s proud but humble and lazy but very hard working. He just knows when to move from being one thing to another at the most appropriate time. He’s not been all that perfect and neither have I. But sometimes… […]

Could This Be Love? I Doubt!

We love the way we want to be loved, mostly. We love because we actually need love.

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