Did You Know You Could Die If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth Regularly?

Be honest, how often do you brush your teeth in a day? Once? Not twice?? Don’t be alarmed, you’re not alone 😆 . I changed after my first date with a dentist 2 days ago. I know I don’t have to explain myself but it wasn’t a date-date, it was a just a date… 🙄 okay, back to why you clicked on the link – you will die if you don’t brush your teeth frequently as you know you should, and I couldn’t have been sweet about it.

5 Days Until Extraction! The Dentist Said

If I could curse this wisdom tooth, I would, but what’s the use? The pain is excruciating and unbearable. No, this isn’t the first time she’s alerted me of her existence –it’s actually the third, yet the most agonizing. Have you ever felt wiser feeling your wisdom tooth shooting up? Then take it off, please! Doc, please. DAY 1 – THE DAY BEFORE… It was only but Friday I had a shoot during the day, then had dinner with a friend and laughed my heart out fluently. The pains begun to settle in on Saturday, but I had 2 papers […]

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