CTRL X – CHAPTER 2 – “The One Who Got Away”

The X-Club barely holds strict qualifications in the screening process to retain participants within the first 3 stages – often, the X-factor requires the prospect to just be himself. And just like a 1st Runner Up gets to be the 1st Runner Up because she didn’t emerge winner, so is The One (Ex) Who Got Away. 

CTRL X – CHAPTER 1 – “We Can Still Be Friends, Right?”

There’s a thin line between remaining friends (post-breakup friendship) with your ex and being friendly. We’ve heard it too many times – “remaining friends is a matured thing to do”. Hah! Dude. No 🙄 


Photography is an art – art is of course a naturally authentic way of life. Just as some photographers only take up gigs and wouldn’t capture if it wouldn’t bring monies to their pockets, others keep experimenting and growing… well, they both master their crafts eventually. But yeah, the difference is somewhat perceptible.

Smile! You’ve Still Got Teeth

It’s been an adventurous week for me, how about yours? Either-way, we could do with some heartfelt smiles this weekend. Smile while you have teeth, even more confidently while they remain white.

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