Bloggers & Social Media Influencers “MEET AND GREET” In Accra

As creative artistes, our only anxiety is how we can be of use to the world through the right connections and the right medium else no matter how dope and masterpiece each piece of work is, they will never get noticed. Most likely than not, it is our works we want to present to the limelight and not ourselves. There’s always an exception to the general rule anyway. 

Style Tips: How To Rock A Garden Wedding Outfit

As traditional and customary as Ghanaian wedding ceremonies can be, we cannot rule out the palpable detail of wedding ceremonies held outside the church. Hire a venue – beachside, conference, a posh restaurant, even a beautiful garden. One of Ghana’s notable stylists Afua Rida presents tips on how to choose the right colours of outfit for a Garden Wedding ceremony.

1 + 1 + 1 More Of Our ‘GRADE A’ Ashlee Janelle Looks

Grasping the fashion styling world equally means having that flair to create and explore unique styles that suit their personalities and dispositions. Ashlee Janelle Danso is not an infamous brand name in the fashion industry – and this is what she does.


Here is the platform for Ghanaians and fashion aficionados to mug up their wardrobes and understand what fashion in Ghana fused with the bend of fashion on the global stage is all about.

What If I Told You, You Could Dress Without Exposing ‘Skin’ And Still Look Chic?

In all conscience, it makes no sense exposing the very thing you’re covering, or does it?

Colour. Poise. Snap – We Are Ready For The Unveiling of “Little Miss Sunshine” By FEBRUARY BY SERWAA

Clearly our indigenous craftsmen are not failing their craftsmanship classes, and even more impressively, they are fashioning essential materials that are going a long way to creating firm brand voices. Say HELLO to Ghanaian based kids and womenswear clothing line February by Sewraa.

Unveiling “Curio-City” Clothing Collection Satisfied By Mille Collines

It is necessary that as Africans, we are acquainted with our identity and culture. The spirit of Africa engulfs a blend of originality, creativity, strength, culture and… I’ll call it and unexplainable chi. Appearance in style and fashion is in no particular order a part of African identity.

From Fashion GH To Auntie Oboshie : Laurie Frempong & Miz Akwele

You’ve seen Before & After photos on other social media platforms – I’m not talking about the no makeup against the makeup ones, I’m referring to the usual workout photos, celebrities’ photos of their physical and ‘vampirism’ changes within a number of years. Here’s one I decided to create with my friend and fellow blogger and model Laurie Fremong.

Reliving Ghanaian Fashion History With Auntie Oboshie

Back in the day, clothing and style was unconventionally representational – wow! I must be a grammar sage… 😆 !! “unconventionally representational” 🙄 .  On Sunday 24th April, one of Ghana’s reputable fashion and style portal Auntie Oboshie, organized a showcase of the emergence of Ghanaian fashion throughout the years.

Ladies! Auntie Oboshie Presents #5 Tips To Get Away With Staying In Heels Without Blisters

I’ll go for a pair of sneakers in a heartbeat, I don’t mind, wearing heels I must say appeal to my femininity. Auntie Oboshie, one in a few of Ghana’s most reliable fashion and lifestyle blogs, shares 5 tips on how to stay comfortable in heels.

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