Naomi: Oh! Oh hey!! Nana Adwoa: [at Naomi] Oh hey? Dude! Come on and give him some love The thought of him scares me till now. But I can’t do this anymore. He knows I can’t. [Naomi walks closer with a fake smile fenced by her lips and gives him 3sec hug. Nana Adwoa: Okaaaaayyyy! We’ll certainly need those chicken wings. I’ll be back before you know it. [Nana Adwoa exits] Naomi: What are you doing here? Lexis: Surprising you. At least act like you’re happy. I bet she suspects it. Naomi: I smiled, Lexis. He draws close to her […]


I’m not that kind of girl anymore, I keep telling myself that, but… there’s always that BUT. Father Lord, remember our pact? Your girl is a good girl and not chasing men anymore, only this once. We agreed, just this once. And what are the odds? A fre#king Pastor! Oops… bad language. Forgive.

CTRL X – CHAPTER 1 – “We Can Still Be Friends, Right?”

There’s a thin line between remaining friends (post-breakup friendship) with your ex and being friendly. We’ve heard it too many times – “remaining friends is a matured thing to do”. Hah! Dude. No 🙄 


I had to edit this intro since the man sitting right next to me in the bus is stealing glances at my screen. Hah! He laughs. Perhaps I should just continue by letting him in on the nucleus of this piece – love on the south side, companionship all the way down, revenge on the right side, some hope left, and unwavering desire holding it all down in the bull’s eye; nothing deep.

Trading Ink With Memories

If the faintest ink is more powerful than the best memory I’ll write all I recall Till this ink runs dry and my memories fade away I’ll write till I remember no more Till you remember no more But just in case this ink dries before your memories fade It’s okay to grasp this frailty Cos our memories will be all I’ll have -Miz Akwele

Your Decision Lost The Ring – Episode 4 – Joel

You must have agreed, at some point in life that in relationships, even friendships, one person has to love the other one more. I used to think same but now, I think it’s #&^0!

Shedding Off Mr. Someone

You know that feeling of disappointment when you purchase an outfit and get home to try it on only to realize it doesn’t fit? And altering it will completely change the design and niceness of that outfit. Yeah, that was the story with Mr. Someone.

Naadu – Episode 10 [Season Finale]

We deny the truth only because our illusions must stay real to us… unaltered, unscathed.

Naadu – Episode 8

Love isn’t always enough, is it? If it can be sparked, then it can die. If it can die, then it can be revived. Whichever way, there’s more to loving than the butterfly effect and electrifying chills… there is work.

Naadu – Episode 7

Whether we choose to believe in fate, or convince ourselves of the denial of its design in our lives, we cannot overlook those peculiar occurrences that come about without our consent.

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