HEHEMOJI (Beta) – A Judicious Imitation By Ian Quhachi

Authenticity is invaluable and originality is non-existent, but the creative pro knows not to conceal their thievery, rather celebrate it and let the whole world know the sources which resonate their inspiration and imagination.

Photo of The Week : Black With A Dash Of Colour

This photo was a digital portrait painting of me from the canvas of Lexis Pryme Konceptz in celebration of my 26th birthday. 

Art = Morality : You’ll Have To Draw The Line Somewhere

Regardless the number of times an artist sketches his drawings seem like a way of navigating the imagination, and it remains the fundamental vehicle of the artist’s practice – it’s like a mirror. We see it when we appreciate it.

A Graphic Illustration of The 7 DEADLY SINS By Ian Quhachi

 At the end of this reading, you will realize that someway if not in every way, you have at some point, fallen into every category of the 7 Deadly Sins viewed by society and literature. Ghanaian sensational artist Ian Quhachi demonstrates in a fine art illustration, The 7 Deadly Sins.

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