“The Day You Post This Photo, Then I’m Far Away” – Danny Nettey

I stared at this writing space for I don’t-know-how-long till I remembered when you asked, “Akwele Trish, when will I also feature in your stories?” It breaks my heart that you never did, but it equally comforts me that you’re still real to me unlike the fictional characters… even as you’re no more.

Listen! Sister Deborah Says Nigerian Jollof Tastes Funny : “Moral of The Story – Learn How To Cook”

Will this ever stop? Who cares if Ghanaian Jollof is better than Nigerian Jollof? What if the cook if Ghanaian but preparing the meal in Nigeria? What if he’s 0.5 Ghanaian and 0.5 Nigerian yet cooks sumptuous Jollof? Clearly Sister Debbie cares.

error: Ha! Don\'t Do That!